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JBL Sub to Premium Audio


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August 27, 2002
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JBL Sub to Premium Audio- Please Read!

Hello there everyone. I registered here on behalf of my dad who wouldn't know where to look for this information. I personally own a 2001 Focus. :)

Anyhoo, the question. Today I picked up a Factory JBL Sub enclosure, sub amp, speaker amp and sub from a 95-97 (not sure which year) Explorer Limited. We pulled the wiring all the way up to the passenger side "kick panel". What do I need to get this working? I've read a few other posts that convey that this is a complicated, but possible process. How can I get it working?

A BIG Thank you ahead of time. :cool:


P.S. You can IM me on AIM or e-mail me as well. Thanks again!!