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JC Whitney rear leaf springs?


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March 15, 2006
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Mechanicville, NY
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'99 sport 4X4
Does anyone have the part # for the JC Whitney rear leafs for a 1999 Sport 4x4? My wife's Sport has the dreaded driver's side sag. I saw a post somewhere here that stated the JC Whitney springs were about $90. I assume that was each? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I can't find them on JCW now ... I know I saw them once but they were hard to find. But the best prices I found for new replacements was from bbb-carb.com

Part # Measurement Leafs Year Application Cost Ea.
43-1161 25 11/16 - 30 15/16 Shim/4 91-97 2 1/2" Wide 1,100 lb. 116.14

These are the std 4dr leafs, not the crappy mono-leaf. I haven't purchased mine from this vendor so I'm not making a recommendation, just passing on prices I've found.

you could also swap in a 4-door pack from a 4-door x.

A simple junkyard swap of a 4 pack leaf spring will fix your problem. I changed out my mono leaf springs for some off of a 4 door for about $60 for both sides from a local junkyard.

Junkyards around here want $150.00. That's why I was inquiring about new.

Free.....switch, right to left........left to right.

Loose weight.....LOL :D .


ma96782 said:
Free.....switch, right to left........left to right.

Loose weight.....LOL :D .


lol...hell new ones are in that price range...that junk yard needs to ake itd head out of its a$$.