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JD Shock and Warrior Shackle Questions


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January 7, 2002
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'92 Explorer XL 4x4
I currently own a James Duff lift. Its missing the radius arm drop brackets, but I have Rancho extended radius arms to take care of this problem (not sure how to install the Rancho arms). The kit is used, but I have yet to install it.

Ive decided to hold off on the James Duff and just do a spacers and shackle lift. My questions:

1. Would it be ok to use the JD shocks with the spacers and shackle lift?

2. Should I go ahead and replace the shackle bushing while doing the lift or just use the old ones?


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when i did my shackles, i just left the bushings alone... they are in the frame and the springs, not on the shackles themselves.....

the jd shocks should be fine.....

The Duff shocks will be okay, but they will be limiting your travel, they are barely adequate for the 3" lift the JD kit provides. I also found the Duff 70/30 shocks to be very stiff.....

You can see Rancho lift instructions here:

You may run into problems running the rancho extended arms with the Duff lift, but I think you will be okay, the Rancho arms are designed for a 2-3" lift so it should work, HOWEVER, I currently have the 3" Duff VR lift on my truck WITH Skyjacker Extended radius arms. The Skyjacker arms are built to be used with a min 4" lift, so I had to add F-150 spacers to get another inch of lift from my coil.

The Rancho arms and brackets are different and from what I have seen you should be okay. They may not work well with over 3" of lift however, requiring some modifications to the radius arm to frame brackets..

Good luck!

I replaced the shackles on my BII with new ones from Ford, they were $10 ea an in stock.....

are the radius arms on my explorer the same as on a ranger? Im trying to figure out how to line the radius arms up so I know where to drill the holes for the radius arm drop brackets. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.:D

Lining up radius arms and brackets

I have the Rancho extended radius arms and plan on using them with my 2.5" James Duff lift. My problem is, Im not sure how to determine where to drill the holes for the drop brackets.

Would it be the same as the Ranger directions for mounting?


Could I just measure how much longer these are than stock and move the brackets out that much further?

I need help......your help will be appreciated. Thanks.:D