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Jeep Flop

Was down to Moab this weekend and my son's friend floped his Jeep he did not have his doors on and was sticking his leg out like you do rideing a bike at the last sec. he pulled it back it and thats when i starting running to the truck check out.


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Not good...How much damage is there?


The hard top is cracked bad he will need a new one, but the glass is ok, front fender F***ed good, and the windsheild frame is real bad, his clutch was not working I fixed that and we just toped off all the oils and drove it home it was a bad day. The bad thing is this happened on his 4th try on this hill with open diffs. Sometimes you just need to quit.


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Re: Whoops

Originally posted by go off road
with open diffs......

Ummm Sometimes you need to know when you CAN'T do it at all, and NOT attempt it.

The camera and the Jeep were tilting at the same rate:p

Flopover................screw up a new one.............bolt it on.

Advantage Wrangler!!:D

Gotta hate those instinctive "I'll just stick my hand [leg] out and keep it from rolling" reactions

That guy in the J**p now said he was trying to bail out, run the Vid. real slow you can see him move his other leg and turning his body and about ready to jump but then he fills the seatbelt is on and then just holds on at the last sec. before the crash.

I think he's been watching too many movies... Wanted to bail out:eek: :roll: :hammer: :banghead: :nono:

Originally posted by Rick
I think he's been watching too many movies... Wanted to bail out:eek:

Yup, wasn't that bad of a roll, coulda been alot worse!

lol That jeep just fell on the ground, that is NO WAY near a Roll Over!

I still do that once in awhile when it gets tippy. :confused:

This is your jeep facing gravity... any questions?
I'm glad no one was injured... I saw the leg but can't imagine he was thinking of bailing. Perhaps had brief delusions of muscularity to think he could keep the jeep from falling over with his leg.
It's a good training film, but it can't beat the old "Black Tires, Red Asphalt" films from Drivers Ed. heh
Ahhh good times...:eek:

Glad to hear he is ok, but as for bailing our subject needs to realize something. Bailing out of a jeep is one thing to under certain cercumstances, but bailing out in the direction of which is was falling is a much worse idea in my books. :eek:

Originally posted by Jefe
Gotta hate those instinctive "I'll just stick my hand [leg] out and keep it from rolling" reactions

I think that works only on quads, not cars. Although I do find myself leaning from time to time in the car to think that it will make me corner better. God, i've been riding a quad tooo long!

Ive never been on a ATV but i have lots of hours on my jetski at our cabin, and when combined with my gf who has plenty of hours on a ATV while in the mustang, I can only assume its funny as hell to see two people leaning in one the turns. Hell, when ever i take my border collie for a ride even he leans on the turns with me. Were all guilty of thinking we can help :D