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JL 500/1 amp need major TLC (pics)


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November 6, 2000
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Well guys,
My stereo stopped working the other day,. First problem in years, so I've been well served by my electronics. The local audio guys dissected the problem and figured out my sub amp was the culprit. So they yanked it out, and handed it to me. That's when I heard "pieces" rattling around inside.
Now there are tons of potholes to go along with the road construction near me, so I guess I het a few too many.....
The details:
Here is the overview of the amp. Weird how the "cover" acts as the floor for the amp's internals.

You will notice in this pic, the circuit board has become slightly separated from the retaining arm.

You will notice in my hand ae the parts that were rolling around. I know where the black cap goes (near the place where the retaining arm attaches to the main circuit board). Any idea where the green piece goes?

So bottom line: CAn I solder these pieces back on? If so, I will put padding below the amp to diminsh the vibrations sent to the amp. Heck, the older amp next to it never faltered.... :)

Thanks in advance.

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I would try to solder them back in. It should work. You might want to see if they are still good.(the parts that fell out)

Padding for sure

Great name.
And you're living up to your sub-title....

Thanks Mr. Burns

Oh and this is just the start for late.

that green thing is a resistor and a lot of times there are resistors right next to each other inside an amp. if you see any other ones, look around there for where it might go.

I see another one by itself, and a pair on the left. Mayb that's where they go!