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JL Audio subs


February 1, 2000
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I'm thinking about adding two JL Audio 12"s in my 4 door Explorer. I have a Sony C680 head unit, Infinity Reference 5.25 component set up front, and stock 5 by 7s in the rear. I plan on building a ported box with 2.5 cubic feet per woofer. What do you guys think? Ported or Sealed? I like very loud music, mainly techno and alternative. Will this be enough? I am using a Rockford Fosgate Punch 250 bridged @ 2 ohms so the subs see about 125 watts RMS each. Any ideas on how it will sound? Thanks for any help...!!

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I would go with a sealed enclosure. I had the bandbass with 2 12w0's(JL). They sounded good. I then upgraded to a custom JL box with 3 12w0's. I'm running those with my phoenix gold 500 watt amp(bridged). They hit hard and sound Very clean. I listen to everything..from country to rap. From one spectrum to the other. They sound good in all music. I would go with the sealed box. But its all in what you like to hear. No port distortion with sealed too.

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I don't think anyone can really tell you how it will sound, really, but since you listen to techno and alternative, that helps with an answer. Sorry, I don't really know what alternative totally means, since it covers a huge range of music, but techno is easy.

The basics is that the sealed will allow you bass that ranges throughout the range of notes, from the highest bass notes down to the lowest rumbles. Ported will be able to play louder, but with a smaller note/sound range. So the higher and lower bass notes will not be as loud as the middle ones.

All JLs are great subs, so the choice is up to you. I would say, though that with Techno, you have super high frequencies, and only a few middle bass notes, since there's a lot of thump of the same note. In that case, probably a ported box would be better, because you'll never notice the difference with a sealed, since your music won't ever need to play those notes. If you want a box that will play a larger range of notes at the same sound level, then go with the sealed.

Go to JL's web page for the perfect dimensions for your box.

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Whats up guys! Im pushin 2 JL 12s in a pretty large sealed box with a Rockford 600a.4 bridged. I got the subs off of a friend and Im not 100% sure exactly how big the box is (sq. footage wise) but its pretty massive. I listen all different kinds of music but for the most part im usually listening to rap. The low bass tones do amazing with this set up. I've owned a few ported boxes but this sealed box has better sound than anything else Ive had. Its best to pick a box that works for your music and I know techno does and alternative both do well with mine... I would say try sealed. But thats just my 2 cents..
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I have 2 JL 12w6s in my SHO, and they sound very good. They are in a sealed box with 1.15 cubic ft per sub. The 2 of 'em will do 146 db, without using the epicenter - I've never put the meter on them with the epicenter turned on. My JLs are driven by an Alpine MRV-1002 that tested at 738 watts x 1 at 14.4 volts, 4 ohm. It is seeing 6ohms the way the dvc subs are wired, so figure a little less output there, but the SHO also holds 15.1 volts, so...

I'd fully recommend JL, though. They are very good subs for sound quality, but there are better subs for spl.


you have a quality set of subs picked out, but the choice on the box depends on if you want more sound, or more bass. Ive had every style of box and sub setup except ive never had 15's. well, anywho, if you listen to rap or techno, with synthesizers and what not-youll want a bandpass. If you listen to music with guitars, drums, ect. go with the sealed.

When you put a larger amount of power to your subs, you want to decrease the air space in the box. This will prevent blurring of the beats. too much air space allows notes to drag on. You will will prob. want about 1.5 cu.ft. per sub. I would check what the sub company suggests and maybe decrease it by .1 or .2 cu.ft. since you are running it at 2 ohms.

I highly recommend a bandpass box. It is the best of both worlds, you can hit the whole range of bass frequencies, and it is louder than a sealed enclosure. When I got my box I was debating whether to get the bandpass to make it loud or the sealed to hit the low bass. I chose the bandpass, and it hits frequencies that you can't even hear, but you can feel it.

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bandpass boxes take up more space... they also have a much more boomy sound... the bass isn't very tight. granted, it can be tight, but not as tight as a sealed box. bandpasses WILL play louder. if you just wanna impress the other bass nuts down the street while driving by, go with the bandpass...
with a bandpass, if you have your buddies get in your car they'll say, "wow! thats a lot of bass!l"
with a sealed, they'll say, "wow thats a lot of bass! and it sounds really great!"
Sound Quality and posibility of annoying old people-go with sealed
definately going to annoy the old people- ported