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Johnson Valley

Big Bear Bob

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April 20, 2002
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Big Bear area of Southern Ca. near "Rim of the World drive", & Sugarloaf Mountain
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98 XLT /01 Dodge 1500 4X4
Not that this has anything to do with anything but my wife and I drove down to Johnson Valley, near Lucerne Valley on Saturday. We took 3N61 on the way down from Big Bear and I have to say the trail is getting really chewed up.

Anyway we took the 18 to Camp Rock rd. Past the hwy down to Comet rd. Then drove back to some of the Massive rock outcroppings that are down there, we had a great time driving through some of the deeper sand and then low flying over the moguls. We had a lot of gear in the back because we went to take pictures for my stepdaughter and her boy friend. So we couldn't go flat out, but we still had a good time. The kids went climbing on the rocks to keep our nerves on edge, and there was a motor cycle rally going on just about a half mile away from where we running around.

The X with BFG 31" AT/TA' Radials did a fine job in the deep sand, I've heard the BFG AT/TA's didn't perform that well in the sand. Well we were in some pretty deep sand and the X even at slower speeds did just fine. I have to say once or twice there was now way I was going to stop, but it was alot of fun for a short afternoon ride.

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My BFG AT's are great in the sand!!

I think you will find more peope saying they are good in the sand than not.

I just read one post were they said they are good for rock crawling and maybe snow, but weren't that good in the sand, and sucked in the mud. But I think your right I didn't even air down and they floated through some pretty deep sand. Like I said we had a blast, I don't really think getting full airborne in an X is the best thing to do to the truck, but with four people we got all fours off once and the front two a couple of times.

I've heard those all terrains are great in the sand too as
opposed to a mud terrain tire which wants to dig to China.

Originally posted by Big Bear Bob

The X with BFG 31" AT/TA' Radials did a fine job in the deep sand, I've heard the BFG AT/TA's didn't perform that well in the sand.

The A/Ts are excellent in sand, especially aired down. They have much better floatation qualities and don't dig in like M/Ts.


Well they were doing a fine job with four adults in the X without the tires being aired down, and if you know Johnson Valley, you know how sandy parts are. We had a blast but those guys on the scooters climbing over the rocks are nuts!

My BFG's do well in sand, too!

Camping on Shell Island, you had better have tires that will float your rig over those dunes, or you'll be stuck in high-tide ocean water! My BFGs performed well out on Shell Island (just south of San Felipe, north of Puertecitos - Baja, Mex) and got me and the Mrs. on our last trip out there from point A to point B with no problems. When I was running some 32" Swampers, the sidewalls were so stiff, and the lugs so deep, that the tires would do nothing but dig in the sand, halting all progress, giving me a big, fat headache!:mad:

To my suprise mine performed awesome in some Texas Gumbo Mud last week! I was the only one not to get stuck. I guy with a much heavier 2000 Dodge with 4 inches and some 33' procomp mudders was burried. I pulled him out and drove right through the hole he was stuck in. I was surprised. I pulled out a wrangler, an edge and a 2x pick up, and never got stuck. It was fun, but mud is sooo hard on stuff. I like the AT/kos, but I really like having the clearance of 33s.