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Joining the bandwagon, my 4L OHV build

im far enough in this to not turn back, so ill start this thread now.

starting with a truck that hasent been driven in 2 years before i got it. so its really dirty, ticks, needs some help.
im going for a mild top end rebuild. just a nice cleaning and new parts, upgraded performance parts. with a nice coat of paint to finish it up.
update: turned into full rebuild

parts list:
  • 2643 ANCHOR - drivers motor mount (rockauto)
  • 2641 ANCHOR - passenger motor mount (rockauto)
  • SP432 MOTORCRAFT - spark plugs (autozone)
  • WR4062 MOTORCRAFT - plug wire set (rockauto)
  • KS2358 FELPRO - full gasket set (autozone)
  • PR422 DNJ/ROCK ENGINE - pistion ring set (rockauto)
  • m328 MELLING - high flow oil pump (summitracing)
  • 432217 VISTA-PRO - ready rad radiator (summitracing)
  • E71531 DAYCO - upper radiator hose (autozone)
  • B71532 DAYCO - lower radiator hose (autozone)
  • 200-87684 DAYCO - heater-to-thermostat hose (autozone)
  • 200-87715 DAYCO - heater-to-water pump hose (autozone)
  • 58390 A-1 CARDONE - reman waterpump, they sent a 97tm (rockauto)
  • 300-942 DORMAN - water pump pulley (rockauto)
  • 300-004 DORMAN - power steering pulley (autozone)
  • 49237 GOODYEAR - belt tensioner (rockauto)
  • 5968 HAYDEN AUTOMOTIVE - idler pulley (rockauto)
  • 49-410-8 COMP CAMS - camshaft (summitracing)
  • R1092 SEALED POWER - rocker arms (rockauto)
  • VS1630 SEALED POWER - valve springs (rockauto)
  • sev-2027 SI VALVES - exhaust valves (
  • sev-2028 SI VALVES - intake valves (
  • UP94172S ULTRAPOWER - timing chain kit (rockauto)
  • 25053 CRANKSHAFT SUPPLY - reman crankshaft with bearings (rockauto)
  • 70mm 94/95 Mustang GT Cobra 19/24lb MAF (ebay)
  • ebay link - 90tm/93tm cylinder heads
  • ebay link - matched set of injectors
  • EF link - modded stock throttle body
  • GM3115200 chevrolet HHR electric fan from EF member
  • FAN-PWN-V3 SPAL fan controller from EF member
  • 1633S-1 JBA - headers and y-pipe used from EF member

later upgrades: 200amp alternator, underdrive/overdrive pulleys. maybe other stuff as i get ideas

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09.18.10 - parts from turdle came, along with an autozone order



01.03.11 - pulled the intake and got the sparkplugs out



didnt take a picture, but 800mile old syn oil, BLACK, so much for saving it

thats it for now. im going slow cuz this is new to me plus im waiting on a friend to bring a hoist and take off a few more bolts/wires and itll be out

im thinking of the screamin demon coil, anyone have info on that?
and of course new wires, at least 9mm. suggestions on those? (need good color combo choices on them since im not sure of that yet)
lastly the plugs, the e3s i see everywhere, any good?

The general consensus is the screamin deamon pack is a waste of money. I don't have any first hand experience with them though. aldive had them on his Mileage Monster, and it gave him 0 more power, and no more MPG. And if Al said it, it's good enough for me.


Plugs - Autolite or Motorcraft

Wires - JBA

I dont trust autolites!!ngk!!also accel makes a good coil pack and pretty cheap,ebay.

im keeping my stock one (new oem replacement). i just want new thicker wires. besides i hate the boot color on my motorcrafts

i got my rockauto rocker arms today. ill add a picture when i get home.

no updates on the progress. fan cluth tool is useless, the part that holds the fan nut slips, seems like its starting to strip. ive used a whole can of pb plaster on the exhaust bolts. got 5 off the passenger side and 2 off the drivers side, steering is in the way. the y-pipe bolts are never gonna move.
i got ahold of a sawzall so im just gonna chop the y-pipe up as im not reusing them.

what can i do to safely remove the freon? plans for 2 ac compressors(ac and on-board air) and painting i need to remove the ac stuff to do that.
or if anyone wants to come and do it for me

someone please give me advice on the exhaust. ive tried everything i can.
take the botls off manifolds=halfway, take bolts out Y=nothing, cut Y somewhere=no access, cut Y bolts off=no access
only way i see is to remove the cross bar holding the radius arms to cut the Y, but that involves removing suspension. or by some maricle to get all the bolts out

nice rig. ur intakes and valve covers look like mine. i used the cheapy "rim paint" by rustoleum. looks good


foudn a way to get the bolts holding the y-pipe to to manifolds off. drill through them till theyre cut in half. gonna have to figure out a different way for 1 of them cuz i cant reach it.
its working, but its gonna take awhile. i used a 9/32 to start the hole out with and i broke it

Dremel with a cut off wheel!!

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I would suggest you go get will come in REAL handy and there not that much