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Josh S.--Strong Sauce Thread

Hello Everyone-
This is to be my new thread now that I'm elite for my truck, Strong Sauce, aka DR

1993 Ford Explorer Sport 4x4

Geez, where do I start...OK, since this is my thread, I'm gonna post all the mods, including all the tiny little crappy ones:)

-Front fiberglass fenders
-all tupperware removed
-some stickers
-some scratches
-rear side panels chopped behind rear wheels for more clearance.
-painted the orange stripe black

-hmmm, well the only thing I can think of is little LED's inside my center console, which turn on when I open it and light up the inside of it blue:D
-maglite holder above passenger's head so it will fall on them if I jump it

Suspension- ~5" of lift
-Camburg 4130 extended radius arms with bigass heims on the ends
-Camburg cut and turned TTB
-totally crappy superlift 5.5" coils
-no swaybars
-totally crappy Rancho RS5000 shocks up front
-Custom Deaver leafs
-no rear shox at the moment

-2 PIAA Pro580XT lamps on front bumper
-2 Hella 500 driving lamps on roof rack
-2 Hella 500 fog lamps on roof rack
-1 Hella 500 Amber light on rear of roofrack
-Asian Sensation headlights
-hyperwhite dome light w/ red maplights
-blue and red door lights

Engine-4.0 V6 OHV
-custom full intake with 3" chrome round tubing and a crappy cone filter
-Bosch Platinum +4 Spark plugs
-Mobil 1 Lubricated
-ProComp HDX drycell offroad battery
-likes to ping up big hills

-33x12.5x15 ProComp Mud-Terrains
-15x10 Eagle Alloy 589's

-4.56 Genuine Gear F/R
-Detroit Locker in rear
-Superior axleshafts in rear
-Centerforce Dual Friction clutch
-Autofab tranny mount

-5-1/4" Alpine components in front
-6x9" Alpines in rear
-MTX Box with 2 12" Alpine Subs in it
-Power Acoustik 820w Amp for subs
-Performance Tecknique 600x4 amp for speakers
-Jacked up Sony Xplod HU

-Custom Prerunner front bumper w/ skidplate
-muffler fell off while wheeling
-Conferr Roofrack
-flat 33 PC Mud on 15x10 PC Extreme (for spare)
-48" highlift jack
-Uniden CB/PA System
-2' firestik antenna on roofrack
-3" 30,000lb. towstrap
-a buncha tools for wheeling
-changeholder in center console turned into switch panel
-front tow hooks
-rear tow hitch
-MOMO shift knob
-K&N Oil Filter
-big dual-outlet power inverter

Imminent Plans-
-Giant Motorsports engine cage
-proper length rear shocks
-limiting straps in rear
-mount my air bumps in the rear
-get a new freakin spare tire
-fix my subs
-get an alignment
-go wheelin!!!:D

Last Update: 3/17/04

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  • 7-19-2003-dsc01138.jpg
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Nice set up!! Who did the Camburg cut and turned TTB
for you?? I've been learning abou this but I'm scared to tackle it by myself. Have you had any problems with axle wrap?

Sound like a really nice truck. Good job.

Well, I bought it at Kartek ( and installed it myself. Its basically the same as throwing on a superlift, just swapping in different beams, and you gotta pull the pumpkin off.

I haven't had a problem with axle wrap until this past wheeling trip last weekend. Maybe its because that was the first trip with the Detroit and the gears. I only encountered it when trying to gas it real hard at a dead stop in the sand, or when I was crawling up this big rock waterfall that had holes in it and stuff. It kind of scares me a bit, because I really don't want to break anything right now. I am just taking it easy until I get used to it and stuff. I have been thinking a lot about building a rear trackbar to prevent axlewrap. I think I will do this sometime in August or September. I am getting a welder in one week, so this shouldn't be a problem. Maybe with either Johnny joints or heims.

Where have you been man?! You should come down and wheel with us sometime! Andrew is still coming down from San Jose to go on the Baja run next weekend, you should hit it up man, we need another explorer with us to cancel out the J@@p.;)

Looking good!

How's the setup compare after the new gears? locker?

Oh man its like night and day!!! Before, I would bog down too much, but its a lot better performance, on and ofroad. And the locker will kill anything with open diffs now, I don't know how I lived w/o it!:D

I don't mean to bust up your thread but what is a Camburg cut and turned TTB exactly? I see if all over the place and I have no clue what it is. Sorry again for busting up your thread.

Well, the cut and turned TTB lifts your truck without the use of drop down brackets, and is waaaaayy stronger than weak ass dd brackets. What they do is cut the beams right inside of the coil mount, then turn the end of it up, plate it in, then voila! A lift with no drop down brackets.

Check this out...

Thats them. Its basically (once again) your beams, "bent" to give you lift without any dd brackets. So it'll be stronger than stock if not more.

Of course you go find some Mudd when I am out of town....nice!!!


How's she holing up? ready for T haven? hahahaha....

I will be installing the Superlift steering this 4 day weekend if all goes as planned.....

drop me a line, back in town now..... was CO? hopefully it wasn't colder than here, brrrrr. Truck's doin OK, still gotta get a $&%^ing alignment, but other than that things are ok.

If you need some help with the superunner or an xtra hand, lemme know. Don't know about t-haven with the work schedule. Haven't really been keeping up on the thread either. Don't know if I'll be there man:(

Okay well make it if you can.
Superrunner kit should be here this week in time for install on this long weekend.....

I am also replacing the axle seal and upper ball joint at the same time.
I assume you returned that press already ??? hahaha

CO was fricking cold!! 40 mph wind, I got sick too, the whole trip was ok but quite a hassle.....I havent been gone long enough to miss Colorado, just my friends. Didnt et to see many of my friends because I got sick! SUCKS!

Oh well as long as the Bronco's beat the Colts on Sun all will be good....hahaha

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