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jshexplo96 (Robbs 95 EB SAS)

So I think its probably time to start this thread so I can recieve info as well as constructive criticism. As some of you know I bought Robbs 95 SAS from him and have since been planning on putting an axle under it. (when i got it it had no suspension what so ever under the front...7hrs just to get it on the trailer) :rolleyes:

Well here is what Ive got planned...

For now I am using a yj d30 for mock up until I can find a Waggy 44.
I order trailmaster 4" lift 7-leaf waggy springs for the front. The back has a SOA with 3" blocks. Once I get the front on and get the explorer on the ground, I will decide what to do in the rear...i.e. if the front is higher then I will remove the blocks and order lift springs. If it is lower then I will try to remove the blocks.(basically dont like the blocks at all)!! I am working on the front crossmember/springhangers right now. I am gonna do shackles in the rear. I am really taking extra time to make the crossmembers and hangers bolt on...then if everything is right..weld it all up. Hopefully if someone likes it then I could make another one that they could bolt on at their house and then take it to a welder to weld. (pretty much trying to get a solution for those who dont have a welder handy at home, as I dont. All my work has to be done at my parents house)

The truck already has the steering pump mounted and plumbed, I think I am going to make a plate to reinforce it as it looks like it my be kinda weak.

Here are some pics for now...I will update soon with the crossmember and hangers..


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nice...looks good. keep us updated......why not just thrrow the block out of the entire equation and go with 4 inch springs in the rear and go from there. Also what tires are you planning to run?

Thats exactly what I want to do...The blocks were already there when I bought it...........for $500:):)

I just want to get the front set then evaluate what I need to make the rear level..probably 4" lift springs like you said.

Right now the plan is for 37x13.5x15 baja claws...with the black beadlock simulates


Sounds like you got some nice ideas on how to go about doing this. Good Luck and keep the pics coming.

im subscribin to this.

This is how the truck sat when I went to pick it up. We then bolted a d30 under there with some old yj leafs just so we could put wheels on it to roll it on the trailer. Well it took about 30 min to bolt leafs on the axle, bolt axle to truck and put wheels on....then about 7 hrs to get it on the trailer. But for $500 it was worth it. 95 EB 4x4 has about 104K on it. Im hopin to have this all done and complete including Vehicle costs, axle, springs, tires and rims, new steering (possible hi steer) everything for under $3000. ;)


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this will be good.....are you going to put a manual T-case in?

As soon as I can get my hands on a good 1354 manual case, I will put it in. Down the road it will be an atlasII. This is strictly a project vehicle of mine so time is not an issue. the only thing making me want to finish it quick is, well....i wanna PLAY WITH THE BIG DOGGS!! Probably gonna make some doors like JoshC did on his and take the stock ones off.

I am gonna order wheel spacer/adapters soon to make it 5 on 5.5. Im doing this for a couple reasons.
1. I have a d30 on it now until i can get a waggy d44 (which are pretty rare around here) so i dont wanna buy the 5 on 4.5 rims and have to sell them with in few months

2. When I do get the d44 I plan on converting it to 5 on 5.5 and selling the front spacers/adapters.

3. My good friend has a set of rims and tires off his jeep he will let me throw on there on a whim just for fun to play and take pictures: 5 on 5.5.......38.5x14.50x15:)
(save the bashing...im not gonna run these tires...just gonna try em on see how they fit...you know, kinda like how girls go shopping;)

sweet....can you get some pics of your truck without the doors? before you put on the half door's(i think thats what there called).

BTW is the rear already SOA?

Yea, it was SOA with aal and blocks. The tires on it in the pics are 33s (flat)...there is about 15" to the top of the well.


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Nice project. Looks like you've got some great plans for it. :cool:

sheesh thats going to be damn big and you already have the rear done for you...lol.

Sorry for taking so long to reply guys!! This week I made alot of progress. I got the crossmember and the spring hangers bolted up and sat it on the ground. I ordered new shackles. I have some pics...


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more pics


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I need advice on what back spacing to get for the rims. I am ordering 15x10 beadlock simulates with 37x14x15 iroks.????

in the pictures...those are flat! 33's

also, everything is just bolted on... no welding yet. Once I get it all together then I will take it to get it welded.

jshexplo96 said:
I need advice on what back spacing to get for the rims. I am ordering 15x10 beadlock simulates with 37x14x15 iroks.????
Are you wanting the wheels to stick out a lot, or do you want it to stay around the stock width? That thing will look awesome on 37" IROKs. :cool:

I just dont want the tires to rub on the springs or frame?? ....but I dont want them way out there either. So I think what Im asking is what is a nice medium?

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why are the tires flat? cant wait to see it on 37's! nice work