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JTB1689's '93 Eddie Bauer Sport

Been on the forums for a while now, finally jumped to elite status.

Name and Location
Justin B.
Woodinville and Bellingham, WA, depending on time of year (college student)

Year and Model
Eddie Bauer Sport
Stock Limited Slip/3.73

Upgrades, mods, accessories, etc.
KKM Intake
5.0 MAF
IFab Intake Tube
Flowmaster Force II cat-back
Warn Manual Hubs (#37780)
Smittybilt grille/brush guard
Tail light guards
Auxiliary reverse lights
KC 100W Slimlights
El Cheapo110W Fog Lights
Clear corner lights and reflectors
Weathertech stone/bug deflector and window deflectors
Yakima Load Warrior w/ tire mount
5% tint over factory bronzed windows in rears, 25% on front two
Sitting on only 30x9.50 BFG All-Terrains

In the near future
Modified throttle body
A lift when it is time for new tires. Enough to go 32x10.50, maybe 33x11.50 if money is around to regear

The Long History of My Car and I (Scroll down to skip this and get to the pics)
My first vehicle to drive was my parents' old '91 Grand Caravan. It wasn't the best vehicle by a long shot, but I was 16 and it was a car nonetheless. After about a year and a half and a van that was about to permanently fail, I was surprised by a 1993 Eddie Bauer Sport. It was only 2-doors on an SUV, the 4x4 didn't work, and it was a smokers vehicle. Other than that, perfect interior, near new exterior, running strong. My parents may have bought the car and technically owned it, for which I am incredibly grateful, but it was my prized posession and would be treated as such. Dad taught me my first lesson, the 4x4 solenoid gets sticky, tore it down, cleaned it, 4x4 is good to go. Carpet clean, deodorizers, no more smokers smell. As for the 2-door, I have come to like the short wheel base. We came to notice the exhaust had a few holes, dad sponsored a flowmaster force II cat back and helped me install it. Shortly after that I bought and installed the KKM to go with it.

In December of '06 I had my first accident. Rear ended a Rav-4 at about 25, putting a slight crink in my hood and causing the bumper to sag. (The Rav-4 on the other hand needed a whole new rear hatch since I hit the tire carrier, which bent in a way that caused the rear window to blow out onto my hood.) Insurance took care of their car, mine stayed minimally damaged. 5 days later I was still young and hadn't learned my lesson. I won't tell the detailed story of how this happened, but I came in to the rear passenger side quarter panel and hatch of an Xterra at about 25 mph from a near dead stop and before I could react my driver side front quarter panel was toast. My bumper was completely bent out of shape, the quarter panel was shot along with the head light assy and the hood wasn't lookin too good either after 2 accidents. The car sat undriveable for a couple months until I managed to score a white quarter panel and hood. I replaced the parts myself with the guidance of Dad, it was my fault, my vehicle to take care of, my responsibility, I wanted to do the work. He did give me a quick lesson in body work 101 when he bent my bumper, bumper brackets, and bumper filler back into shape.

Those were the rough times. 2 and a half years and 2 wrecks later she is running strong, I've grown mentally and skillfully and have hopefully aged out of the "hot shot teen" mentality. Dad doesn't have to help on the car much anymore thanks to the forums and google and I buy all my own parts, upgrades and replacements and do all the maintenance. (He did help rebuild the L/S)

Special thanks to the forum for aiding me in my journey to doing all my own work and even giving my old man a lesson or two about the explorer.


Southern Cali Explorer
November 14, 2004
Reaction score
City, State
Newport Beach California & Bay Area California
Year, Model & Trim Level
2001 Sport (sold)
congrads on being elite


Well-Known Member
August 23, 2008
Reaction score
City, State
Woodinville, WA
Year, Model & Trim Level
'93 Sport Eddie Bauer

Stock, Pic: May '06

Added aux lights, bug and window deflectors, Pic: July '06

Clear corners, tinted windows, Pic: November 08

Brush guard, tail light guards, Pics: January '09


KC's, fog light relocation, Yakima load warrior + tire mount, Pics: June '09


A few shots off the road:

Hopped over a log with 4' of water on the other side, sitting on rocker panels


Over Reiter's Pit, WA:

Some mud: