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jtb1689's 93 Sport EB

Name and Location
Justin B.
Woodinville and Bellingham, WA, depending on time of year (college student)

Year and Model
Sport Eddie Bauer
Stock Limited Slip/3.73

Upgrades, mods, accessories, etc.
KKM intake
Flowmaster Force II cat-back
Warn Manual Hubs (#37780)
Smittybilt grille/brush guard
Tail light guards
Extra lights in grill and under rear bumper
Clear corner lights and reflectors
Weathertech stone/bug deflector and window deflectors
5% tint over factory bronzed windows in rears, 25% on front two
Sitting on only 30x9.50 BFG All-Terrains

Up and Coming
KC 100w Slimlights on the guard
IFab intake tube
Modified throttle body
5.0 MAF


First week I got her, bone stock except for the 30x9.50's I put on right away.


I bounced up over a log and got stuck straddling it my first time behind the wheel off the road...


Then I buried the rear wheels before I realized it was the diff holding me on the log, not the tires...


After a few accessories and mods, including KKM and Flowmaster



Over Reiter's Pit, WA


What she looks like as of now (12/10/08)

Let me know what you guys think. I love this forum, learned alot from it. On a side note, I have yet to see a first gen Eddie Bauer with those tan fender flares, I got the car like that from a previous owner, and there is no tan painted under them. Any word on why this might be?

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And for those nay-sayers who don't think an X with no lift and smaller tires can't have fun off road, or those who are just curious what their stock explorers can do, I actually managed to get pretty messy in some rather deep mud holes... (This was when she was still as stock as can be, save the 30x9.50 all terrains)



It was cool to meet a couple other guys from the site today...

Let me know how everything works out for you guys...


Yea it's nice to put faces to names, I will have to really try and make it to the next outing all you folks go to.

nice eddie how come they never make the eddie anymore in sport. That is my first time seeing an eddie baurer is 2 door i thought only sports come in 2 door.

Yea I'm not sure that one. Actually until about 2 weeks ago I had never seen another EB Sport, this guy's was the dark forest green. I actually went to my local Ford dealership a few days ago asking about those fender flares, since I notice most 1st gen EB's don't have them. When the guy looked up my vin it just said it was a 2-Door XLT, but then when he looked up the 2-Door EB it showed a diagram of my explorer with the fender flares and 4-door EB's without them. So really I guess I'm not sure what I have, it is a late model '93, August I think. Guess only a few were made or something?

Got the Smittybilt Outland grill/brush guard. Took some pics in the snow figured I'd show the new look. Got some lights going on there too, thinkin 2 below on either side of the license plate and 2 on top on the inside of the 2 grill lights real close together.




the flares may be off a newer x 95-97...

I would agree except I don't think they are after-market. Take them off and the fenders are solid white with no tan painted around the fender as a trim like you would see on most other first gen eddie bauers, yet the bottom part of the car around the door and such is painted with the tan.

Very nice man! Im wanting a brush gaurd myself.

was it ever wrecked?

I did put it through a wreck myself, but I did all the repairs and the fender flares were already there. As for the previous owner I am not sure. carfax came up clean but when inspecting the car I have a sneaking suspicion it was rear-ended before I got it as the rear bumper just doesn't look "right" (not sure what it is but the lines from bumper to body just don't look right) and I have found some body welds seperating in the rear as well as a clear putty at the top of the rear hatch in each corner.

back when the explorers/ sports came out they did come w/ an eddie bauer package. But the 4 door models were more in demand so they quite production on the sports w/ the eddie apperance package. So for the ealier years yes eddie b was an option, but 94/95 was when they changed it and dropped that partnership for the sports. Looks great, btw

Thanks, I try to keep it looking decent. Thanks for the info too, some good things to know.

New stuff!

Finally installed the warn manual hubs, #37780. Also rebuilt the limited slip clutches so that it actually works. Did the over-factory stack of 4 friction pads with a steel disk in between each instead of 3 friction pads with 2 steel disks in between each. Also managed to get some tail light guards, pics up tomorrow hopefully.

pics of the new stuff

Some pics of the new tail light guards and hubs





Feedback welcome/encouraged on any and all pictures in this thread by the way

if you ever wanna go wheelin we should hook up i live in woodinville too

How did you get those extra lights installed on the front?
And where did you get those clear corner lights?

And where did you get that brush guard? I can't find it on the website.
Sweet X by the way.

Thank you kindly. To answer your questions:

Extra lights in the grille - The lights were like a $10 cheapo-special that came with basically half-a-square shaped brackets that I drilled into the grill then put the lights in. Since then though I have moved them to the bottom of the brush guard.

Clear lights - Here are identical ones. Not the same seller but those will be the same lights I bet.

Brush Guard - I got it from a liquidator that was liquidating smittybilt brush guards. Can't seem to find the same liquidator now but look around. There are brush guards out there.

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Hay jtb1689 I have a 1991 explorer and ive been trying to find a brush guard like the one you have on your explorer for a will now but havent had any luck i was woundering if you could tell me where you got it from.