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jumping in/out of overdrive


February 18, 2009
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cape breton
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2000 5.0 ford explorer
just wondering if anyone may have any ideas,i have a 92 explorer 4 liter that was working fine till recentley i have noticed that when i am on the highway between speeds from 80 to 120 km when in od it seems to go in od then it seems like it slips or somthing then its ok then it slips almost like its jumping from overdrive to drive the r.p.m goes up from 1500 to 2500 up an down continuly while in overdrive but is fine in drive .

the A4LD transmission has 2 solenoids, one that controls torque converter clutch lock up (what most people 'feel' as overdrive) and another that controls shifts into 4th gear. For more information on the solenoids do a quick search.

was the coolant temp guage showing hot, then cool, then hot again ?

my Ex did a similar thing...turned out I was low of water. One of Ford's not-so-better ideas was allowing a leaking heater core to drip outside, unnoticed until a bigger problem could occur.

I had to replace the heater core, that stopped the low coolant/overheating & the shifting in and out of OD.