June 10 - 12 Superlift ORV Park, Arkansas was SMORR EF 20th anniversary run | Ford Explorer Forums - Serious Explorations

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June 10 - 12 Superlift ORV Park, Arkansas was SMORR EF 20th anniversary run


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The run at SMORR is a SCRATCH!! Date Cancelled by SMORR.

New plans for June 10-12

Hot Springs ORV Park, formerly Superlift ORV park... In Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Come Join our park in the 1,250 pristine wooded acres, with amenities such as Restrooms, Showers, a Convenience store, Camping, RV Campsites & an RC course with so much more to enjoy here all in one place.

$30 SUV/UTV Payable to the OHV park.

Tent campers and RVers must call ahead to make reservations!!

Hot Springs ORV Park Rules & Regulations

1. Everyone rides at their own risk. Know your limitations and do not exceed the capabilities of your vehicle. The park IS NOT responsible for your recovery in the event of breakdown or immobility.

2. No alcoholic beverages or mind-altering substances, which may impair a person’s judgment are allowed in the trail riding area.

3. No one is allowed to possess any dangerous or controlled substances including, but not limited to illegally carried firearms, fireworks, and explosives within the park.

4. **Litter laws are strictly enforced. Anyone caught littering will be PERMANENTLY EJECTED from the Park. Place litter in an appropriate trash receptacle or “Pack It In, Pack It Out.”

5. ** “Tread Lightly.” Ride only on established trails. Do not venture in to the woods or on to other property not owned by the park. You will be banned permanently for infractions.

6. Do not remove or destroy trees, shrubs, plants or animals. We want them to remain for everyone to enjoy. Tree saver straps must always be used, its the STATE LAW!


8. NO OPEN FIRES ARE ALLOWED IN THE PARK. Campsite fires must be kept inside the designated fire rings in the campground area. Fire rings are not to be moved. Do not burn metal or glass in the fire rings. Firewood is available at the front office at a charge of $5 per bundle.

9. **Off-Road Vehicles (ORVs) are to be operated from 9 am to sunset only. We do not allow night riding except at park sanctioned events by the General Manager’s discretion only.

10. **Excessive speed and reckless driving is NOT permitted. Please follow posted speed limit signs.

11. All Off-Road Vehicles (ORVs) must have a functioning spark arrestors and mufflers.

12. All operators of Off-Road Vehicles must have a valid driver’s license. Children under 18 must be supervised at all times.

13. All Off-Road Vehicle drivers and riders should follow the manufacturer’s safe operating procedures. Please be sure that your ORV has the appropriate equipment needed to operate on the rough terrain in the park.

14. No person under the age of 16 may operate an SUV within the park, those under 18 must be supervised by a parent or legal guardian at all times.

15. All SUVs must have liability insurance.

16. Passengers are allowed in SUVs, but must sign a Release and Waiver of Liability Form, and must also wear their seat belt at all times while in the vehicle.

17. All SUVs must have a fully enclosed metal cab and / or roll bar protection, functioning safety belts, working four wheel drive systems, frame mounted (not welded) tow hooks that are appropriately rated for the vehicle’s weight for recovery purposes, and must be in good and safe mechanical operating condition.

18. Those under the age of 18 must have a waiver consent signed by a parent or legal guardian in the presence of a park staff member. Parent / legal guardian must closely supervise minors.

19. All ATV and Motorcycle drivers are required to wear DOT-approved safety helmet, protective gear including, but not limited to those items listed by the manufacturer and the ATV Safety Institute are strongly recommended.

20. **Passengers are NOT allowed on ATVs or motorcycles, except for purpose built two passenger machines. No aftermarket or homemade seating for two is allowed.

21. Be courteous of other drivers and Park Employees on and off the trails.

22. Failure to comply with the above rules, regulations and safe operating procedures can result in your being temporarily or permanently banned from using the park or participating in any future park activity or event. No refund of any monies will be given.

23. The park is neither liable or responsible for damage, loss, or theft of personal property or injury to visitors.

24. All riders must follow the age restrictions set by the government for ATV’s (see below).
For engine sizes under 70cc, ages six (6) and older.
For engine sizes 70cc to 90cc, ages twelve (12) and older.
For engine sizes over 90cc, ages sixteen (16) and older.
Equipment Guide
Functional seat belts for all occupants (must be worn at all times)
Open-top vehicles must have a functional roll bar
Tow hooks (no welded-on tow hooks)
Spare tire and jack
Tree trunk protector
Helmet for ATV / motorcycle rider

2100 Mill Creek Road
Hot Springs, Arkansas 71901
501-625-3600 (office)

GPS Coordinates to Front Gate:
34° 32′ 9.35″ N 92° 58′ 9.03″ W

9am to dusk Thursday-Monday
51 weeks/year, Closed the week of Christmas
Camping is available Thursday-Sunday

Map of Trails

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Same dates, new park. I will do my best to make it. :)

I'd love to go to one of these events, hopefully I can have the ex fixed up and ready for something next year.


What are your plans?

Well, i'm working on getting the money together to do a coilover conversion, then after that I'm not too sure yet. Still working that part out.

Such good memories looking at these photos. I'm in!!!

Looking forward to this and Badlands, any others will be a bonus.... :)

Will have my lightly modified 2nd Gen, and my RZR

The park now has a couple of real nice New furnished cabins for rent, for anybody that wants to Glamp it.

I know this meet is still pretty far out, but we need to build up the attendance a bunch for it to happen. Anybody that has any ideas on how to accomplish this, please share!


I know we can talk Cliff easily into going.

I don't know any others?

If he can get his rig repaired in time. LOL!

Gonna keep an eye on this. It's the first meet that was added to my bucket list.

His doesn't need much, just a little focus.

Vacation submitted today for June 9th and 10th. :)

Looking forward to this trip!! Will be bringing my Explorer and RZR.

It was sadly announced that a couple other meets next spring were cancelled, and those area members asked to join us at this meet if they could. :(

Hopefully their vacation spirit is not lost, and those members will do what they can, to join us here. :)

For those that want to do more then just wheeling all weekend, I am going to put together some special events for all of us.

Some of you attended the very first EF meet we had here, and hopefully you had a blast with what I put together for that meet.

Some of you attended our last big meet here as well. We did a few extra events for this one too. I hope you enjoyed them too.

With that said:

I will add extra events to the weekend as the attending sign up list grows. The more that sign up, the more special events I will plan out. If the number reaches to at least 50 people attending, I will throw in a major Sat night event for all.


Sounds fun.

Lookn forward to this trip.

I'll go down as a maybe, never plan this far ahead.

My brother just picked up Steve's old Ranger, that my buddy Andy bought previously. He plans on attending.

Exciting things are brewing for this meet! Stay tuned for the latest updates! :bounce:

You're killin me G!!!! What's cookin???

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You're killin me G!!!! What's cookin???

A lot is cooking! :thumbsup: I will post up the info as it becomes official. :D

For now, I can tell you that SMORR just had bulldozers, backhoes, and other grading machines spend a lot of time at the park grooming trails, and adding trails. There is even more trails for stock to light modified rigs now. Enough to entertain us for the few days we will be there.

OK, one more.... We will be dining on a special meal for a special deal, made for us by the fine people of SMORR, on Saturday evening.

For those that don't know, there is a cafe that cooks a great breakfast (coffee too!), awesome lunch's, and spectacular dinners. They even serve Ice cream. :eek:

There are Powered RV sites are available, that you can set a tent on if you want, and unlimited primitive camping. The best heated & A/C shower/restroom facilities to be found at any off road park in the country.

Last hint....We will be taking advantage of the big Pavilion they have for our Saturday evening plans. ;)