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June EF Lottery

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The theme for the June EF Lottery is: Wrenching

Wrenching for the lottery is defined as any type of repairs being made to a rig. This can range anywhere from changing a light bulb, installing a mod, to rebuilding a motor or transmission. This can be in the driveway, garage, on the trail, etc. Does not have to a single member, pics or vids of a wrenching party are ok.

Submit a pic or pics, or a video of work being done on your rig.

Ending and drawing date is June 27th.

Rules for EF lottery.

Goal: To encourage members of the Explorer Forum to submit a photo in accordance with the theme and award one member with an one year elite membership.

Only one submission to be entered into the drawing per member. Submission can contain multiable pics and or video(s). Members are encouraged to post positive feedback about other submissions. Please keep in mind that this not a chat thread.

Special instructions, if any, will be posted at the beginning of each month's theme.

The lottery is also to have fun, so being sarcastic and somewhat of a smart alec in your submission is not only welcomed, but also encouraged. Keep in mind we are a family site.


Announce the theme for the present month, ending date, and drawing date.

Eligibly: All members (except sponsor) are eligible.

Awarding procedure: Primary: utilizing a bingo number roll cage, draw numbers one at a time and assign numbers to submitted photos. After all photos are assigned a number, remove all remaining numbers in cage and reinstall only numbers assigned to photos. Roll cage random number of spins, first number drawn is winner.
Secondary: Using single deck of cards, shuffle, then spread out face down, draw one card at a time and match to photo, after all photos are matched, reshuffle deck, spread out face down, and draw one card at a time until match to photo occurs and thus wins.

Notification of winner is thru PM to winner and Admin.

Can win once per calendar year.

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While doing the body lift my truck tried to eat my son

Adding Tow hooks to the front of the rig.


Got some pictures from my superlift install:thumbsup:


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I'm in


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Not sure if I am eligible, but any excuse to show off my munchkin!


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trans replacement


This is what you do when you don't have a lift and the frickin' transmission adapter for your floor jack is to tall to allow the trans out from under your rig! ;)

When I started my SAS last June. My 2 1/2 year old son wanted to work on his offroad wagon I build him so I removed the bolt holding the front tires on so he could swap them.



Removing the steering shaft to modify it.



The weekend I put on my lift. About two or three years ago.


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*******not eligible ********

Since we're posting pics of munchkins turning wrenches (or armed with a screwdriver to change a fuel filter.....):

rear door trim in prep for window regulator:


Bonus picture of my ranger:

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Still got until Saturday to submit a photo(s) or vid(s).

Loving the including of youngsters working on rigs and with their "rig" in the pic to do some wrenching. :sawzall:

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