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June EF Lottery


Keep on wheelin John Rock
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August 17, 2009
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For the June EF Lottery, (yes I skipped a month again) the theme will be "A Shout out to the Employees during these times." Post media or a story of those who keep working thru recent times so we could still maintain a somewhat normal life. This includes but is not limited to our Medical workers, retail workers, home deliverly service, those working at take out for eating establishments, Postal carriers, etc. No political posts, any political entry will be deleted without notice to the OP. There are those who were lucky enough to not have their jobs interrupted by the corona virus, lets give them a shout out.

Ending and drawing date will be on or about June 28th. (If I can keep track of what day it is)

Goal: To encourage members of the Explorer Forum to submit a photo and/or vid, or written story in accordance with the theme and award one member with an one year elite membership.

Only one submission to be entered into the drawing per member. Submission can contain multiple pics and or video(s) and/or links to pics/vids.
Members are encouraged to post positive feedback.

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July 16, 2009
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Been working in the medical field for some odd years now. We try to have fun :laugh:


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November 6, 2009
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I work for a company that supplies and maintains the printers at a local hospital and its associated clinics, so I've not stopped working. We've actually not had a great lot to do the past couple of months aside from replacing printers at the end of lease. The hospital hasn't been admitting patients that don't really need to be there - no elective surgeries, etc. At one time, there were very few patients in the hospital besides cardiac and maternity patients. Many of the administrative staff have been working from home or reduced hours, so the printers aren't being used as much and therefore there's less for us to do. The outlying clinics have reduced their hours - most of them close at 3:00 now - and they aren't seeing their normal patient loads. Some have even closed temporarily because they haven't been seeing enough patients. One closed for at least a few days recently because one of the doctors came down with Covid and he'd been indiscriminately coughing and sneezing around the clinic. A lot of the nurses and other hospital employees have had to use their built-up paid time off and/or have had their hours reduced. I've seen more surgery patients being moved around the hospital in the last couple of weeks, so they must have resumed elective surgeries.

About a month ago a couple of nurses on one of the floors came down with Covid-19, so everyone who'd been in that area the previous 2 weeks, including me, had to get tested. Based on what I saw, that had to be a couple hundred or more people, and that was just the day shift. What didn't make sense to me was, we all kept working until we got our results a day or 2 later. Then again, we'd already been working and potentially spreading the virus for a couple of weeks after we may have been exposed.