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June/July 03 Pap run?

Found my other roll! Must have hid under the seat in the accident :rolleyes: To quote FUG : "Here, Leezard Leezard....I think I need a beeger box"


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I thought for sure you were gonna kiss that tree, dude


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But noooooo, no tipping or tree hugging today..well, not that much, anyway :)


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Showin the Jeeps how it's done


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the darndest things happen on the trail sometimes :)


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I can't take credit for this one, Chris was the one laying in the middle of the trail to take the pic, lol


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I remember Doug saying "All we did all day was bang and scrape over every obstacle"

I can see why!


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Originally posted by Spas
Good use for an Air locker!
Who's the miniature guy standing on the front tire? :)

did you have your prarie dog checked for monkey pocks?

The prarie dog belonged to someone else in our group that day, I stayed the hell away from it, nasty little suckers. They also carry the Plauge

Nice pics there Spasy....

the prarie dogs were the cause of the case of monkey pox in the US

yah, finishing up the coil bucks and drop brackets