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January 17, 2000
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In the past 21 days, Explorerforum has processed 1294 SPAM email messages (while blocking thousands more..)

In the past 21 days, Explorerforum has processed 30519 NON SPAM email messages.

This means 96% of the email sent/processed by our server is non-spam, with very low rate 4% of the email has been identified as SPAM. This is a very, very low rate of SPAM email; normally, you should be seeing almost 70% of all email as SPAM.

However, in the past 72hrs, the SPAM rate has risen from about 2k attempts per 72 hour interval, to almost 10k attempts every 72 hours.

We have also received several thousand bounce messages from a spammer using an bogus @explorerforum.com email address.

Folks, please get a very good virus scanner on your systems, or convert to an OS that is not so screwed up (ie, MacOS, Linux, or *BSD based).

Everything says this rate will continue to rise on the next few weeks.

If you have an explorerforum.com email address, and you get an email with [spam] in the header, I'd be very, very careful of reading it.

If you wish to add an email to the spam recognition system running on explorerforum.com, simple forward it to spam@explorerforum.com and it will be added to the spam corpus for that day.

Thanks for your help in keeping the Internet a SPAM-free world!