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Just bought 2004 XLT V8


August 28, 2012
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Las Vegas
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2004 Explorer XLT V8
Just wanted to say hello, this is my 5th Explorer!

1997 Red Ford Explorer Sport
1998 Black Ford Explorer Sport
1999 Black Ford Explorer Limited
2000 Blue Ford Explorer XLS

I just bought a 2004 Ford Explorer XLT V8 on Saturday 8/25/2012
50,400 miles
Gray cloth interior
Everything seems to be in perfect working condition. The AC blows ice cold, transmission shifts smooth, shocks and struts feel great over bumps, no annoying rattles, etc. Overall I am happy with my purchase. I already got it registered with DMV, insured, got my plates, all set to go.

So far, I have already tinted the front windows and glare strip on windshield.
Just received my clear corner lights and already installed them.

Future plans include:
a sound system
black out the ford logos
black out the front grill
order the Limited package fender/bumper flares
maybe get the 17" Limited rims





After the tints and clear corner install done today



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Welcome aboard!! :salute:

Very nice Ex you got there. :eek:


Nice ride. I really like it with the clear corners:thumbsup:

Nice ride. Before you do anything I recommend getting the transmission fluid and filter changed. With only 50k miles it might help keep you from the all too frequent transmission rebuild by 120k miles.

ya i really like the clear corners especially because the car is black, it just looks cleaner without the orange reflector piece!

Thanks for the advice on the transmission fluid change. Ill probably do it next oil change.