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Just bought a 95 GT Mustang


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March 18, 2007
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Give me some suggestions. I just bought a Fast 95 GT mustang from a friend And I want to make it faster.

Its a 1995 Mustang GT Aqua Green no spoiler, 100,000 miles, it has Cobra Intake, BBK Cold AIR Flow kit, MSD Coil Pack, MSD 6AL Ignition, MSD wires, 24# injectors with calibrated MAF. Flow master 40 series, B&M Short throw shifter, Ford Racing M-7003-R58H Cobra R tremec Tranny., 3:73 gears., Aluminum Driveshaft. Crossmember stablizer bar, sub frame connectors.

Iam thinking about adding a turbo setup.???

let me know what you think

Oh ya I bought the car for 2000 bucks

congrads kody u got pics of the 95 gt we would love to see it and u gonna do some video clips of it as well

I feel with 100K on the odometer it'll be in your best to pull and rebuild the engine with stronger parts, since you mentioned you want to turbo it.

I only did a quick search but I found one company that sells a TT setup for about $6,500

The GT's are very strong motors.....they are pretty slow stock.
However they can handle a supercharger or turbo kit past 100k no problem.
(ive seen people do it with the v6 mustangs at past 100k)

Turbokits actually tend to work better with mustangs than a basic supercharger kit.....however your going to spend more with a turbo, unless you do a parts kit and hunt most of the parts down yourself.

I know the 3.8L v6 mustangs use the garrett T4 turbo.....i cant remember if the v8's would run better off of a T4 or T5?

Althought it IS a better idea to do an entire motor rebuild if you plan to go BIGGER than a basic turbo kit, or plan on running at the track alot.

If it's just going to be an occasional drag car or something to toy with on the highway....your stock motor should hold up perfectly fine.