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Just detailed and a part repainted...pics!


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June 11, 2000
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Clemmons, NC
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'06 Honda Accord EX-L
My dad and I worked on our '90 Accord last week and over the weekend. The trunk lid was severely faded so we figured repainting would be a great idea. So we gathered up the sandpaper and paint and did it in a couple of days. When we were done, I gave the car a well deserved detailing session. Here're some after pics:


The repainted part. It's not the best repaint in the world, especially with spray paints, but it's good enough!





And check this last pic out:


Yup!! 199,681.3 original miles. Only a few hundred miles from 200k mark. Everything on the car are original parts other than maintenance items. It's a great car!!!

Tell me what you guys think. :)

The car looks not as shiny because it has been raining the day after the detail so it's kinda dirty.

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DANG that's alot of miles. great work Billy!

Looks good! Now where would I be when my X reaches 200,000 miles...

Yep gotta love the Accords, my lil bro has a '90 coupe with over 250,000 miles with nothing but oil changes and new mufflers and tires :)

Yep!! I love the Accord. The muffler hasn't even been changed yet. It's still original from the factory...so are the shocks. I believe the only thing that was changed was the steering rack thingy. I don't know what that called at the moment.