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Just Exchanged"Firestones for BFGs at Discount Tire

This morning I went to local Discount Tire Store location and turned in the Firestones. With about 16K miles on the Firestones, they gave me $40 credit per tire (their retail on new Firestones is about $60).

The 31 x 10.5 BFG A/T KO's went on without a hitch ('98 XLT 4 x 4), including the spare, and the look is outstanding!


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10.5 is a pretty thick tire.
Have you noticed any power loss? Or bad gas mileage.
I am thinking about this tire so just wondered

31 x 10.5

Well I read every post I could find on the topic of upsizing prior to making the plunge. I just did this this morning and drove less than 5 miles to work so the jury's out, but based on feedback of those here who have done this upsize awhile ago, I've concluded that any degredation in power/economy would be minimal enough that you'd no longer notice after a short time (like losing an eye or something?).

Of course I do have the SOHC motor, not sure if you do or not. I think there's another truck here that might be a '96 that has run 31's for a long time and he's very positive about the change.


Hi. I am thinking about trying to trade my tires in too. SO I'm hoping you can answer a few questions for me...here goes:

1) Were your tires the recalled tires or does Discount Tires just take trade-ins?

2) Also, if you don't mind me asking, how much were your BF AT's at Discount without the trade-in adjustment?

3) Now that you have probably driven them a little more, have you had any problem with them, ex. rubbing?

4) How much effect is the bigger tire affecting your speedometer (if you can have figured it out)?


2000 Explorer XLT

can you believe this? i bought my 30 x 9.50 at ko's last wednesday, saved my 5 atx's. i then talked to the manager at ntb the following day to see if they would be giving any kind of adjustment toward the ko's. he said to check back on monday. i called yesterday, and was told that they would give me some money back. i took the 5 atx's in at lunch yesterday. this is the cool part. i got $515 credit for them. i got the at ko's for a total, with the road hazard, for $118. helluva deal, huh?

What tires?

Do these places take tires normally for trade credit? Or just because of this little recall thing.

Re: What tires?

Originally posted by kubben
Do these places take tires normally for trade credit? Or just because of this little recall thing.

Discount Tire gave me a credit of $11 per tire a couple of months ago on my 16" Wilderness ATs. I had about 3/16" of tread left and should have been able to go another 10K miles but I got tired of the vibration.

Man you should have waited. I called Firstone today (8/16) and they said if I buy a competitor's tire they will reimburse me for my ATX. They reimburse you for 100 bucks a tire. I wish I could have gotten to this site earlier to tell others. Tody was the last day. So I wetn to buy BFG All-Terrain T/A KO's for 95 bucks a piece at another place. So actually Firestone is paying me 5 bucks a tire to get brand new, great tires. I screwed them good! They deserved it.

Unfortunately I replace my tires a couple of months ago, well before any mentio of a recall. My tires were getting very shaky on the highway, and since the pavement gets very hot here in Phoenix, I wasn't going to take any chances. The problem now is since I traded my tires in, I don't know whether or not they were manufactured in Decatur, Il or not. Also, another problem is that I went up in size. Anything I would get back would make me happy, even if they pro-rated my tires since I had 54K on them. There was enough tread to go another 10K or so. I wouldn't mind getting 20% of my tire purchase back but I'm not worried about it. I bought my new tires, without expecting any compensation so if I do, then it would only be a bonus.

BFGs in Firestone Recall

Sorry, been out of town.

I did the deal at Discount Tire on August 8th before the recall was announced. They gave me about $40 credit per tire at the time, then later upped it to about $50 per tire based on further info given to them by Firestone.

Now, as mentioned in above posts, Firestone then further stated that they'll pay up to $100 per tire (including mounting), so I have just completed and mailed their reimbursement form, available at any Firestone tire store. Hopefully all will go well and I'll end up spending about $100 total for all five too.

The reimbursement is retro to January 1, 2000 if you had the recalled tires on your truck. So it may not be too late to get reimbursed as they ask for the truck VIN on the reimbursement form, and maybe the VIN indicates what the stock tires were. It'd be worth trying, worst you get is a "no" and they may not be too keen to say no right now for PR reasons.

I haven't driven the truck really at all since the swap to the 31's. It's my wife's rig and she has stated that the brakes seem to have to work a little harder to haul down and the power feels a little softer. Other posts here have estimated a 5% speedo error (reads slower than you're really going). I'll know more about rubbing in a couple weeks (going to Pismo Beach in Central Cal, the only beach in the West you can legally drive on and it has dunes), but per all the posts on the topic I don't think it'll be a problem!

The looks of the BFG's? Fantastico!

just got my tire replaced at firestone. got 5 new bridgestone dueler AT 235/75/15. are they any good or should i trade it in with BFGoodridge. the price for the bridegstone was 90 each... no, i did not pay for them. they were free for me. any ideas guys? trade new tires with new tires? u think discount tires will give me a good $$ for the bridgestones? i want BFG 30/9.5 or 31/10.5
thanks for your input

Finally visited one local Firestone dealer today. They refused to put a larger size tire on my Explorer, even showed me some paper provided by Firestone(safety reasons). So now I am on page 112 of their wait list for same size tires. They are only up to page 14 since the thing started. The wait estimate was 3-4 months, though I think it will be a lot sooner(I am in So Cal). I am thinking of going to a non-Firestone place to get another brand.

I am curious to how Firestone will calculate the reimbursement value. They say "up to $100 per tire'", but that doesn't mean you are entitled to the $100/tire if you spend $125 each. They may do some kind of pro-ration based on the tread life from the tires when they are turned into the Firestone Dealer. I haven't seen a report by anyone on how much they have been reimbursed for. Probably be a month from now before anyone sees a check. I am also worried that they might not reimburse or lessen the refund check if I go with bigger tires. Any thoughts on this angle?

I might call the hotline to see what they say.

By the way, the Firestone/Bridgestone website lists the P235/75R15 Wilderness AT as a 29.3"x9.6" while the Dueler AT P235/75R15 is at 28.9"x9.3, a slightly smaller tire. This is funny because the safety warning was due to the fact that Ford doesn't recommend replacing with different tire sizes yet the Dueler is an approved tire. When I inquired about a 30x9.5 Dueler at the Firestone Dealer, the guy scoffed that it was unacceptable. It measures 29.6"x9.9" which is only slightly bigger than stock.

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tire exchange

You might try calling a Discount Tire or America's Tire and see what they say. The one I went to is on Avalon in Carson, CA


I just went today to goodyear and they are in partnership with Firestone to replace those crappy tires. I acutally ordered some goodyear wrangler mtr 30x9.50r15lt but I am going to call them tomorrow to switch them to 31x10.50r15. Now that I found out they will fit. They are willing to give me $100 per tire (Firestone is).

I am hoping the 31's don't create any problems like rubbing since explorer seems to have a deep wheel well.


Yeah, I think I will head to a Discount Tire or 4-day Tires, they are both near by. I believe I have driven past the Discount Tire in Carson that you are talking about, near IKEA. I will still try to get the 31x10.5 that I originally wanted. How do you like yours so far?

New Tires

Hi Withers:
They look great! What a difference in appearance! Hope things work out for you, 'cause you'll love them. We have noted on road driving that the brakes seem to work a little harder to bring the truck to a stop and the ride is more truck-like than before. No noticeable difference in power, and gas mileage TBD. I haven't been off-road yet, so no personal feedback on performance, but everyone waxes poetic about them. I worked with Mike at the America's/Discount Tire (across from IKEA, you're correct).

Tire Size Question OCDesigns

Hi OCdesigns:

I assume you have a 96+ Explorer. I looked at every post on this site I could find on tire fitment, having had the same concern you do about fit. I concluded that it is not an issue based on the information and photos I found. I also "figured out" that the Eddie Bauer trucks have 16" wheels and the tire size Firestone gives for the stock 16" tires on EBs is about 30.5", while BFG list tire diameter on the 31 x 10.5 as 30.7" (if memory serves). So you could conclude that the truck can manage this small increase no problem, even if you don't have an Eddie Bauer (I have a 98 XLT)

Just got my 31x10.5's

I had to tell someone. Took the afternoon off and went down to the America's Tire(Discount Tire) like Nowshon suggested. They put the 31x10.5's on in no time. They even helped me wheel the AT's down to the Firestone dealer two doors down. Now I just need to send the paperwork in and wait. Hopefully I will get the full $500 for five tires. Spare fit too, by the way(even with the hidden hitch).

Only had one setback. I checked the fit before leaving and realized I wasn't gonna get out of there that easy. The driver side tire was rubbing the front bumper when I bounced the front end. I said get out the grinder! They didn't balk at it what so ever. 15 minutes later I took it for a little test drive and hit some large driveway dips. When I examined again, I knew that I needed some more trimming. I went back and they trimmed some more even though the grinder wheel was wearing out. This time I had them trim the molding behind the wheels as well, 'cause it was rubbing on the passsenger side. I then came home and had no problems. I think I will file a little more away and clean up the cuts a little but should work allright.

Noshown was right, the look is fantastic. I think that I would have to trim a lot more if I were to go serious wheeling, but mine is mainly for snow, sand runs and fire roads.

Nowshown: Do you have a sport? That may be the difference, why I had to trim and you didn't. It is weird why my driver side was rubbing the front and my passenger side was rubbing the rear. Never had an accident and it tracks well. Might be the bumper and molding are crooked. Possible.

Braking does seem labored, but power is still there for the most part. I need to check my speedo with another car, but I am happy so far. I will post pics after I take them this weekend(gotta wash it first). I recomment that shop for other So Cal residents who are trying to get reimbursed like me.

[Edited by withers on 09-01-2000 at 05:33 PM]

I went to ETD Discount Tire a little over a month ago. They replaced the stones with the new version of the Wilderness AT. Now I heard there might be another million or so newly made tires also defective. Went back to ETD today, told them I dont want anything to do with Firestone tires and that I want them off my truck, within in the week they will be putting on the Michelin LTX A/T or the BFG Radial Longtrail T/A :bounce: , which ever comes in first. This makes me very happy :D

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I just bought 5 BFG long trail T/A's in OEM size this afternoon at Sam's Club. I chickened out on upsizing, wanting to be SURE I get reimbursed - the local Firestone shop said they couldn't guarantee payback for anything other than stock size; this is pretty questionable, though because only the new tire receipt shows the size - none of the F'stone "claim forms" require the replacement tire size info). If you get reimbursed, way to go. I just didn't want to look a $433 gift horse in the mouth.

Anyway, on the interstate - the BFG's are Amazingly quiet compared to the wilderness AT's. I actually heard wind & exhaust noise for first time!!

Last thing: This is kinda strange, but I asked the guys who sold tires at Sams what they recommended between the Goodyear Wrangler RTS & BFG Long Trail's (both in stock) - and the guy said that the BFG's are made by Michelin.

Anybody know if this is true?

all the best.