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Just Front of Superlift/trailmaster kit?


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October 16, 2005
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2000 Explorer XLT
Does anyone sell just the front portion of the Superlift or Trailmaster kit for the 98-01 x? i found some 4'' lift leafs off customsuspension.com, wondering if that was the cheaper way to go

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On a couple of sites, they listed the seperate boxes all included in the kit. I think I searched them on Summit Racing and you could buy each box seperately, so you could get everything but the rear kit. It would be cheaper to go SOA in the rear with a TT in the front to match it, instead of getting all new leaves.

but wouldnt a SOA lift the back too much compared to a 2" tt?

bmxking5 is talking about a TT in addition to the front lift, not instead of it. SOA would give you about 2" more lift in the rear than the Superlift or Trailmaster gives you in the front.

hey ritsui how much higher is your rear with the shackles aal and the 2dr leafs?

It's hard to say exactly how much higher because I never measured it stock :). Like I imagine is the case for most people, it puts my truck just a bit above even with the front with a nearly maxed out TT, so I'd say it's about 2 1/4" above stock with both shackles and AAL.

If you plan to do both, I think it would be easier and give you better ride quality just to get new 2" lift springs, though the AAL+Shackles should cost less.