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just got a 95 explorer


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August 30, 2012
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carthage ny
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99 expo/ 95 explorer
well i was just given this 95 explorer and i am going to only use it as an ofroading and fishing/ camping car. The things i know about the car are that it has had 2 owners. The first a young girl in Colorado and my brother. The other thing i know is that it has never been beaten on but never properly maintained... At least not by my brother.

need a new fuel pump... the reason it was given to me
all the electrical in the doors do not work right
But the Biggie is the transmission

about two years ago when i lived out of state the transmission stoped working and fluid was found in the rad. long story short a crack head back yard mechanic was hired to change the trans. he quoted a price and given money... he said he replaced the trans with a junk yard one but the day my brother got it back the trans wasn't right.

i kno that it does runs but like when its stoped at a light it has to rev up a bit before it goes into gear and sometimes it slips out of gear and has to be given gas to go back in... been this way for more than 2 years.

so the first thing i want to do is fix this problem. i have always done my own car work but not engine and transmission work so bare with me. i am thinking of doing a rebuild but i don't know if that's a good idea or if i should try my luck with a junk yard one? if you guys think i should try my hand at a rebuild what would be the best and cheapest way to do it myself? or if you think i should get one from the junk yard do you have any suggestions on how to get a good one that will last? i am open to both options as long as i get a repair manual and or videos and good support for help with a rebuild

all advise is greatly appreciate and if you have any other advise on good mods to make it a good offroader my ears are open for that to... i do know about the tt lift, soa and 3" body lift and the ford f150 ad a leaf so no explanation on that is needed unless you have better ideas. thanks guys