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Just Got My Diamond Clear Headlights/Corners

Man, these look really cool, glad I bought them. Is there anything I should know about installing these? What's the deal with the silver thing in the headlight assembly? Do you remove it? What does it do? These are going to look so cool on the X, thanks guy's.


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August 17, 2004
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You leave that there its a reflector or something the bulb goes in right behind it and it reflects the light off of the chrome reflector behind it.

Bill Kemp

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April 2, 2000
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Some people that have it (the bulb shield) have said that there headlight beam has dark areas.
I think that the headlight was first designed as a multi surface reflector (clear lense) and was/is sold that way. The bulb shield was added later to the same design to be DOT compliant and it screwed up the beam and created shadows in the beam.
This is only my opinion after doing a bunch of reading.
My advise: try it with the shield in place and if there are shadows take it out.
I dont know what will happen to the beam with the shield out so be warned I could be talking out my a$$ cause I have not done it. Just my opinion....