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just got my new fender flares (PAINT)


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February 8, 2002
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Edison, NJ
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'97 Explorer XLT
I just got a great deall on fender flares. Brand new OEM for $10.00. I have a red truck with alot of chrome. The flares came in ugly tan color. They dont match at all. I want them to look like black plastic. What do you guys sudggest i do to make them like this. I was thinking flat black spray paint, or should i use that wrinkle paint. And if so should i use Herculiner. Or should i paint them the color of the truck? Here is a pic of my truck in its current state.

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Thanks for replying black magic. check out the finished product in the before and after.

where do u get it for $10? i want a set.

there was a seller that was selling like 10 sets of them. I just looked and i dont see them anymore. I guess they got all bought up. $10 +$10 shipping. It was a great deall!!!

Bumper black rattle can from Autozone will give you the rugged flat black color you are looking for. But I agree with BM, body color would look sweeter. :)