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Just got new 2021 ST after Ford reacquired my 2020


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May 14, 2017
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2021 Explorer ST
It was a slow process, but Ford agreed to reacquire my 2020 ST back in November due to the seemingly common BLIS failure after a rain storm. The parts were perpetually unavailable so RAV made a "good faith" offer to reacquire. I accepted and opted for an exchange of collateral on my 0% loan.

Overall I am really happy with how everything turned out. There was a problem with their product, they admitted it, took ownership of the problem and made it right. I was also very lucky to get a RAV representative who was extremely helpful. They reimbursed me for some aftermarket ham radio installation work I had done and paid the dealer doing the exchange to redo the ceramic coat, paint protection film and tint that I had done. The dealer closest to my house agreed to do the exchange and did a dealer trade to get the vehicle I wanted. They didn't sell the original vehicle, so they offered to facilitate the exchange as a courtesy, saving me a 4 hour drive to the original dealer.

Only thing I'm unsure about is the piano black interior plastic on the 21 where it was matte black in the 20. It does look nicer, but as I recall that stuff scratches if you look at it funny.

Overall, even after the quality issue, still a very satisfied owner.

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I'm glad to hear that they took good care of you:chug:

Nice congrats man! Sorry for the other ST that had issues but at least they hooked you up with a '21 ST.

Post pics!