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Just had to share a gorgeous tool

I know... gorgeous is in the eye of the beholder.... and form should follow function... but... well, let me backup...

I am a tool junkie. (I know.. everyone in unison says "Hi Glacier!", right?)

Anyway...I am always collecting tools here and there, and often I haunt E-bay for specific FORD Rotunda tool sets. The tools in them are generally (not always) very model/year specific, so I am not just idly shopping....but as I look at the FORD tools in those sets (mostly made by Owatonna Tool Co, or OTC) they are superior high quality as a general rule.

Recently I acquired some FORD tools for the 5R55N transmission. (used in Jags and now I understand making its way into Explorers). In the set was a tool for removing a "yoke" (for lack of a better term) on the back of the output shaft of the transmission. As I looked at the tool, it fairly screamed "THIS IS HOW TOOLS SHOULD BE MADE!" (ok, *I* heard it anyway)

So, I wanted to share this tool with you fellow tool junkies.

From the top it looks, well.... like some kind of tool... nothing too special...


It is heavy, and you get a better sense of that in a side view...


there is a fine threaded driving screw as in most puller types of things, but this one had something you rarely see.... on the tip...


a retained ball bearing tip!!! Awesome. The more I looked at that, the more I heard heavenly harps.... and angels singing...this was heaven come to tool design!!, then, allofasudden.... WOW ! it looked like this!


and at THAT moment I knew I had to share it with you guys.

Ok lighten up, it is kinda neat, no ?

james t

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Th350? You can rebuild a TH350 with a pair of channel-locks. :p


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February 20, 2005
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james t said:
Th350? You can rebuild a TH350 with a pair of channel-locks. :p

Haha very true!!


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November 11, 2005
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I just got that lip seal installer from ATEC in the mail today. I originally thought that it was a big tool. It's only 8" edge to edge. I thought that the end loops could go around a lip seal. It's only made to go on the lip seal's edge, and work it around until the piston is completely seated. One end loop is stiff, and the other one is a little less firm. I'm sure that it could also have some other uses, such as on O-rings, or on plumbing work with small seals.