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Just installed my new Sub...


January 22, 2002
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Orlando, FL
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05 Eddie Bauer v8
Just installed my new Sub Pics...

I purchased an Audiobahn 12" Ported Tube ($79.99) and a BOSS "RIOT" 400W Amp ($102.99) just to add a little more bass to compliment my new head unit, a Kenwood KDC-MP8017 MP3 layer. I am very pleased with the sound from this setup. I listen mostly to Rock, and I can turn my Radio up as loud as I want, and not hear hardly any distortion.

I thought I would share this with everyone, so that someone wanting to add more bass and not spend a *whole* lot of money can do so with nice results. I also like the ability to pull my sub out quickly if I need the cargo space.

I purchased the Amp & Sub from www.CarDiscountStereos.com and the H/U from Crutchfield. Total invested- ~$450.00.

Here is where I mounted the AMP, in the old Sub location. I am going to get 2 PC Case fans, and wire them to circulate some air through the stock sub grille:

Dead Link Removed

And here is what everything looks like ready to Rock:

Dead Link Removed

Thanks to everyone that helped me with my decisions in the last weeks. Hopefully this will help someone in the same situation.


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looks nice - isn't it sick what you can accomplish for not a ton of money?

How does the Audiobahn tube sound? I listened to some bazooka tubes before and they sound really boomy...

It sounds a lot better than a Bazooka. In fact, I have a 8" Amplified Bazooka, and the Audiobahn sounds 100 times better. I think the Bazooka's sound "boomy" because of the Speaker sizes. Come on, who honestly expects crisp bass out of a 6" and 8" driver? ;)

looks good. and if you ever need to haul something, you can just disconnect the subwoofer.

Looks good but I have one question. How you keep that big tube from rolling all over the back of the truck?

Originally posted by icon34
Looks good but I have one question. How you keep that big tube from rolling all over the back of the truck?

Drive really really slow :p

I like that setup..Especially the ability to take it out whenever you need to. Looks like a really good installation too. Congrats!

Thanks for the compliments guys.

Once I decided which orientation sounded the best, I installed the 2 straps that came with the tube to hold it in place.

And yes, I love the fact that I can take it right out, and have full use of my cargo area.

Just curious, why would you go this rout rather than an enclosed sub such as the MTX ? Sure you can take yours out byr when you do you have no sub,


Because I have heard an MTX built in, and did not care for the SQ from it. Plus, the Audiobahn was $80.00, for the sub & enclosure.