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Just lifted my X, have a?


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March 28, 2015
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High desert CA
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1997 Explorer
Guys I just installed shackles & add a leaf. I want to know what the stock measurement for our front end is (top of rim to wheel well). I don't want to go over 2 inches. I didn't measure before the parts I installed and I also turned my T-bars a little already.

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Thats actually a hard question to answer. these trucks are all just a little different in height. A good rule of thumb is that at stock settings the lower control arms are just about parallel to the ground. You can compress the suspension to that point and take a measurement.

I have about 3/8 of adjustment left in my torsion screws. I read some guys run out of screw adjustment and get longer screws.

Depending on the condition of your torsion bars that sometimes is the case. Some bars sag more than others.

There is a procedure in the Ford service I believe to set back to factory ride height. My 96 sat right at 33 inches up front from the bottom of the fender to the ground. I cranked mine all the way up and got a solid 35". Then after looking at my suspension, I have to disagree with everyone. 2 inches is just too much if you want the suspension to function properly and not wear out very premature. I dropped it down to 1.5" lift at 34.5" and everything looks MUCH better. Plus these trucks tend to have that saggy rear look anyway so a bit of a higher rear actually looks ok.

EDIT: BTW I had to adjust my headlights after I did this. My rear sits at 35.5" and front at 34.5" so they were aimed down a bit.

Same thing here, I measured 33 1/2" pass. front and 33" dr. front with 30x9.5 tires. Grabber, you may want to invest in longer bolts anyways as TT will settle a little after a week or two. Mine used up all the adjustment to get up to 35" and settled down to 34".

are you guys lifting the front end more than 2 inches with the torsion twist? I was only wanting the measurements so I didn't go over the two inches. a little reading and I determined most guys say don't go over the two inches.

Here is what it looks like with the TT twist. My control arms look parallel to the ground even with the twist.


With just load levelers in the back my 98 was at 33 in front and 33.5 in rear, with my 31's its at 35 front 35.5 in rear

Mine is 33 front & 34 1/4 rear. My tires are 28s I think. 265-75-15

If you have a 4 door and have 35" from the fenders to the ground that's about a 2" TT. My truck maxed out lifted to 36" with A bars and settled down a bit over 35 inches after a few miles of driving and that is with my front mount hitch and brush guard mounted.

Like I said I was not comfortable with the full 2" lift, I think that's a bit more than anyone should go because it puts everything at too extreme of an angle. I'd set it to 34.5" and call it a day. But remember after you drive around a bit it will settle. So you will have to do some tweaking to get it right where you want it.

Mine is 33 front & 34 1/4 rear. My tires are 28s I think. 265-75-15

Stock tires are 29" and that's where I'm getting my measurements from. Any non stock size tire is obviously going to cause this 33" measurement to be off.