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Just ordered Aussie Locker for the Ford 8.8


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May 5, 2000
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'93 Ranger
So, I've got 4.10 gears. Will I need to remove the carrier and ring gear? What is the gear cutoff for having enough room to remove the pin?
Years ago when I installed a powertrax noslip in the 8.8 I didn't have to do that, at least that I remember.

Anyone install the aussie with 4.10 gears recently?



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Lono did a full write up in the "Sticky Section" above. He'd be the one to pm about this.

Or you can do an [MENTION=171853]LONO100[/MENTION] and he will be notified you talked about him in this thread :)


edit: ( put in the wrong username the first time.. its Lono100, no LoNo) :)

It should slide right out of a 410 carrier. No carrier removal needed. Provided it is an open carrier, you should be fine.
Do purchase a new hardened cross pin and a new cross pin bolt.

ive got a aussie with 410s SEND IT BACK don't waste your money nothing but problems!!!

ive got a aussie with 410s SEND IT BACK don't waste your money nothing but problems!!!

Do you have a thread on here about your experience with it? I've seen a bunch of people run them and they work just like other lunchbox lockers.


A lot of people run Aussies with the 8.8. I would be too if I didn't have 4.88 Thick gears but such is life...

ive got a aussie with 410s SEND IT BACK don't waste your money nothing but problems!!!

I had 2 of em work great! Maybe you installed it wrong?

from my understanding, if you dont install the locker with the correct clearances, this is the most common way you can start having problems. ivve had my lockers in for two years, and even had to use my truck for a time as my DD in downtown oakland ca. i love them! great off road, and not too bad through town.

as for the install, you will need to remove the carrier pin and spider gears, but the ring and pinion will stay in place. its actually an easy install once you open it up and see what youre dealing with. feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

Thanks for the info. I put a powertrax noslip in the explorer axle I had in my ranger, many years ago. It was an easy install, but that was back when I had all the tools, an old garage floor, and plenty of time. Now I'm VERY short on time, my tools are for the most part in storage, and will be doing this on a brand new concrete garage floor that is not mine. I don't want to spill anything on this floor, it's less than 2 years old.
Because of all this I'm actually considering having it put in for me. But having done it yourself is half the fun. I just have no where I can jack up the rear axle and drip fluid all over. I'm thinking 4mil plastic down, over that maybe a couple sheets of plywood or something I can throw away afterwards. Then there's the tools that I need to find/borrow/buy.
Hmmm. Still trying to figure this all out.

Seriously, what tools do I need? Socket set, jack stands, jack....what tools are needed to take off the calipers? Just the socket set or do I need any allen wrenches or anything? Zip ties to hold the calipers safe. needle nose Pliers, magnets,etc for the c-clips. Instructions call for a coat hanger bent up. New sealer for the cover to go back on. Screw drivers to pry off the cover in the beginning. Large drip pans to catch the old fluid. I know I threw them out when we moved. New fluid for the axle. Tons of rags. Camera for photos. I wish I had the air compressor. I have the impact wrench but no air compressor. Gonna have to do the lug nuts by hand, no big deal. What am I forgetting that I might need?

i have 4:10 gears and an Aussie and i love it,

it works awesome,