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just started lookin need help on axles


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December 17, 2006
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fort collins colorado
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1991 explorer
hey guys i got a hp dana 44 and a 9in out of a 79 f150 stepside, i know they are wider than my axles but are they full width????

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Yes. Full width means axles from a fill size vehicle. F150/250, Blazers, Ram Chargers, etc.

ok i just started lookin and i would of thought they would be alot wider....just curious about how many inches wider are full width then stock 91 explorer axles

mine are like 3 on each side but they are one ton axles...id say about 1.5-2 inches on each side...

Thinking that mine are are 66"s wms to wms, can't remember off the top of my head. The explorer ones are abit under 60"s wms-wms...so I'd say mudbug is in the right neighborhood.

here's what mine look like with 4" bs wheels.

alright cool yea im about 3 in wider on each side, it just seeemed a bit low in my head for some reason, well guys i appriciate everything.....helped me out alot and releved a lil stress to

the ex has a wms of 59.5 inches...44/9" are 66...I think im at 66-7"

any other brain busters??(Rizzuto)--Oh come on Mrs. Vauhn.... he's a ball player!!!....anyway just ask and we'll do our best to help...at least ill try....

mine are about 2" wider than it was with my 6" superlift and 12.5 wide" x terrains

now its sas'ed on fullwidth d44/9" from f100/150 on 12.5" wide tsl-sx on 8" wide rims.