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just wanted to say hello!


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June 27, 2005
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Long Island, NY
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1997 XLT 5.0 AWD
like the title says, i just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. my name is anthony, and i own a 1997 explorer xlt with the 5.0 awd drivetrain. it is black with the tan leather interior, and except for some pro-comp a/t tires and a valley class III hitch, it is bone stock. i do all the maintenence myself, and it has around 130,000 miles on it. knock on wood i haven't had any problems with it aside from a leaky radiator (fixed - got a new one) and an alternator (fixed - got a reman one). i am sure you all know what the truck looks like, so i won't post any pics.

Hi Anthony, I'm faily knew to the site to. Learned a lot from these guy. Glad to hear you doing the work yourself. Be sure to use the search forum, there is so much info. there that you can use.

Welcome fellow New Yorker. You'll find this site to be one of the BEST tools you've NEVER had to purchase!