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Just your average Gen 1 V8 swap

I enjoying reading all these updates :) haha, cant wait for the clip of that thing supercharged!!

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Prolly the first and only for a long while.

Just got the exhaust done. 2.5 Y pipe into single 3" into single chamber flowmaster, turning out to a 4" chrome tip...




This thing sounds straight nasty! There is a slight lope to the idle, so I will probably get a B cam to go with the supercharger. I found out after pulling my 4.0 intake off that it had dark blue injectors (36 lb), so for now I might just get 2 more and run the 36's and tune for them and see if I need bigger injectors. I do need wires now though, I can now hear and feel the miss under a load.
http://static.photobucket.com/playe...s/ss340/imvfdfirechief/st build/VIDEO0004.mp4

Amazed. Impressed. Jealous.

No questions. Just quietly watching. :popcorn:

Amazed. Impressed. Jealous.

No questions. Just quietly watching. :popcorn:

Short/Sweet/Exactly right..

This is an awesome project to follow for a ST Enthusiast!! :eek::eek:

Okay, congrats on the 302 swap.

Now what vehicle is that with the SC on it, what radiator, and what front accessories? Is that some 91-94 truck with an old EECIV motor and distributor?

If I knew how, I'd put one of those headbanger emoticons here!!! Frelling awesome, man!

Edit - some questions

Is that a homemade 3" billet spacer/plenum/adapter plate?

Did you try it with the newer style alternator? You may have to drill out the threaded hole in the upper mounting tab, grind out part of the bracket, revise the spacer/bracket situation on the lower alt mount, and put the new alt BEHIND the tab and bolt thru it into the alternator. Or something like that. It's been a while, but I remember the old style had poor low rpm output, and I had underdrive pulleys.

oh, and finally, how long do those custom belts last? Not long, I bet!! roflmao

Actually, its my father-in-law's 2k jeep TJ with a 5.0l swap. He bought my supercharger while I was building his motor, and decided to install it now. The spacer is a mockup so I can fab the adapter. It's actually a mustang Ho motor with gt40 heads and lower intake. Fead is Thunderbird/mustang, rad is stock jeep for now. That custom hi performance painters tape serpentine belt is mockup to measure belt length...


Slow, but some progress, got too much other stuff I've been working on... I got the lower plate made and test fitted, looks pretty good as far as fitment. One shot is of the plate in a bridgeport, the next is mocked into place on the lower intake...


Hopefully sometime this week I can get the sc mounting plate on the bridgeport and cut out...



I noticed your ABS warning light was on, did you figure that out? I was looking at the 2002 SportTrac wiring diagrams and it shows the ABS module plug pin 14 black/orange is a ground. I noticed you have the orange/back from the GForce Transducer tied into it, do you think that could be causing a cel? I know that the ABS Module is grounded at pin 8 and pin 24 also. Just wondering.

I haven't been on in a while, but I believe I answered on the other forum. To answer here though, the abs is only hooked up so the speedo can work. The hardlines are bypassed, the abs pump is not in the hydraulic's circuit. From the previous owner one of the wheel sensors was chewed up. Abs was eliminated cause of the wheeling I do, makes it a pita...


i am curently working on the same project which is 70% done
my trouble is with pats and wiring harness
im swaping out my 2001 ST 4.0 with a 2001 5.0 explorer enigine
i need to know how to get this thing cranked

i have a tunner to disable pats but i was wondering what else needs to be done.

Someone Help Please b4 i give up on my dream of having a badass ST

I have looked into this for 2001 myself, besides pats I know that there is a wire coming from the starter relay that has to be grounded as well. I have a lot of info I've collected and saved on this. I could share it if you want.

So I get home this past saturday from the inlaws and guess what I find on my doorstep....

Hmm, I wonder what this could be? Oh wait, its an M122:eek:

To give you an idea of just how big this thing is...

I had this done yesterday, but photobucket was locking up my computer. When you get done reading this post, you'll know why :icon_idea: I got my mustang motor from the storage unit and started tearing into it down to the long block. There's enough detail for anyone wanting to know what is involved in converting a roller motor to use the explorer's electronics. I'm not concerned with gaskets at this point as this is just a mockup, later the motor will get a refresh/rebuild. Shane, PM me if your interested in some mustang engine parts. On with the pics...
Here is the motor straight from storage....

The upper intake removed...

The front fead off, Also a good look at a brand new water pump never run, just mounted..

Back side of the pump, still looks new short of some surface rust...

Timing cover...

Pulling the harmonic balancer using a Matco puller....

Balancer off....

Timing cover off...

Lower intake off....

Bottom side of stock intake, 120k miles...

GT40 intake going on the motor..

The cam syncronizer in place, well below the supercharger adapter mount...

Here is the difference in the timing covers, the mustang on the left, the explorer on the right. Notice the mustang doesn't have the provision to mount the crank sensor...

The driver side explorer fead bracket mounted...

The passenger side fead. All the mounting bolts are not in this bracket, as I don't have them. I had to dig out a bolt that would hold it in place. I'll have to source them later...

Fuel injectors installed, make sure to lubricate the O-rings when you install them...

Fuel rails installed. Again, make sure to lubricate the O-rings....

Here I'm using a 2x4 as a spacer to fab the adapter. Notice the fuel rail purge valve? It's the only part that extends higher than the fuel rails. I'm thinking of a custom fuel rail with the shrader valve in a different location so I can mount the supercharger lower...

The supercharger mocked in place using a 4x4 (3.5" high), here is the belt routing....

Side view, notice the fuel shrader valve..

The back of the supercharger location on the motor. Looks like I will have plenty of room between the back of the monsterous lung and the firewall...

Here is the height from the top of the lower intake, its about 9.5"...

Here is the GT40 upper mounted on the lower intake for comparison...

It's hard to see, but the top of the GT40 upper is right at 8", so the supercharger setup is only 1.5" higher than the stock setup, allowing me stealthness by keeping the stock hood :headbang:

The other side the M122, notice the location of the fuel regulator. The fpr sits even higher than the shrader valve, but the M122 just does clear the fpr, allowing a lower mounting height....

Here is the back of the M122 in relation to the back of the motor....

This is the M122 sitting 2.75" off the intake, this is about as low as I can go, notice the shrader valve. If I either get or fab custom fuel rails, I can lower it even more...

So here it is. I'm going to look into different fuel rails as I'd like to get this a little lower. I have quite a few vacuum ports on the supercharger to either use or block off. All the ports you see on the M122 are before the rotors, so they don't see boost at any time. The ones that won't get used will get the port adapters removed, tapped and plugged. There is a port on the rear of the charger, this will be used for the pcv valve since its right over it. I'm not running EGR on the motor in my Trac, and since its deleted from the ecu via programming, I'll most likely tap and plug the EGR port as well. Onto starting the mounting adapter :icon_cheers:


Ok, so as some of you know, Thursday I had a deer run into the side of my Trac coming home, and I figured now is as good a time as ever to do my 02 ranger front clip swap. I was hoping I could get by with using the stock trac hood with the 01-03 swap so I didn't have to get a hood, which is why I didn't go with the 04+ ranger clip. Anyways, here is what the deer did to my driver fender....

Here I am pulling the front end apart. I had to pull the grille, headlights/corner lights, header panel, bumper support, and the factory tow hooks...

For the time being until I fab my custom bumper, I'll be using the bumper off my lowrider from my 00 explorer front end conversion. To use this, I had to enlarge the outer mounting holes for the bumper....


After I bolted the bumper in place, I checked for tire clearance and it rubs when I turn. Also after I got the new header panel mocked in place I will have to reposition the bumper higher and push it out about an inch or so. Here is the bumper mounted...

I just mocked the header panel with the grille and lights in place to check for fitment...

It doesn't look like I did much today, but there is a ton of measurements that need to be made before I start cutting the fenders. Because of the shape of the original fender, a straight cut wont make it. There are some complex cuts that will need to be made for it to look right. The fender needs to be extended forward as the sport trac is more rounded than the ranger. For now I will use the Trac hood, but I will need a ranger hood for it to look right. Here is how it looks at the close of today....

Tomorrow I will start the cutting and fitting the parts into place. I also will be mounting my dual oil filter kit tomorrow. Stay tuned....


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Ok, so after this morning of feeling someone dropped a truck on me and then injesting box of 2 year old rat poison, I finally got out this afternoon to do more work. With all the measuring I did, it wasn't enough, and as you will see, I'll need to do more metal work. I started by pulling the fender off and knocking most of the dents out from the deer's handy work...

As you can see, I also cut the front of the fenders off. Cause of the flare that the fender has, I had to cut it on an angle like you see...

Here the replacement piece is mocked into place..

Here is the two panels being paired together. I started at the top, aligning the heighth, horizontal plane, and the forward angle/pitch of the nose. Took a little manuvering, but finally got it in place. Then, I aligned the panels and tacked them in place so the two panels would match, you can also see one of my measurements where I was off...

After its tacked into place, then its welded into place using care not to put too much heat in one place to prevent warpage...


This is about as far as I got today. I had to stop early as I had other tasks I had to do. You can see by the difference in the panels at the bottom that I need to extend the fender side further down, but this will take quite a bit of fabwork as there is multiple compound bends and contours where the flare is. I'm thinking of getting a set of SuperDuty pocket style flares as they will cover the imperfection. For now I'm thinking of just angling the front to the fender. Most likely the custom bumper will hide this section, which will end up getting cut off anyways...