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K&N Filter for 2005 Sport Trac

jw last

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March 5, 2007
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2005 Sport Trac Adrenalin
I've got a 2005 Sport Trac. I want to put the K&N air filter (FIPK 57-2529-1)on my truck, but the K&N site does not list the filter as available for the 2005, only the 2004 on back. I called K&N on this and they stated they had not tested to 2004 filter on the 2005 yet, hence not listed.

I've noticed several aftermarket parts sellers list the K&N filter as available from 01 through the 2005. When I asked K&N about this they said the sellers must have tested it.

Has anyone out there fit the 2004 FIPK (57-2529-1) filter to a 2005 Sport Trac? If so, did it take any modifiying to work?

Thanks in advance. funny_car_history@yahoo.com

There was no change from the 04 to the 05 engines. It will work.