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K&N FIPK for an '05?


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February 18, 2012
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2005 Sport Trac XLT 4x4
I've been thinking about getting a CAI / FIPK for my '05. I liked the K&N FIPK I had on my '02 Mustang GT so I was looking at them for the ST 4.0's. Seems as though they have a kit for 01-04 but nothing for '05....I said, Really?!? I even went to K&N website and got the same thing, no kit for an '05. Can someone explain this to me? Are the 2005 intake systems that different from 01-04? I don't get it.

Here's the kit on ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/K-N-FIPK-KI...Parts_Accessories&hash=item58856712bd&vxp=mtr

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It will fit an '05. Doesn't look like much of a heat shield though. Also a lot of money for minimal, if any, improvement. Just yank the silencer out of the airbox, get a K&N replacement filter, and call it good.

Thanks. Yea I didn't like the price either lol. Is it easy to remove the silencer? It won't throw codes by doing so?

no codes thrown and it can be tricky if you dont remove the lower section of the air box, but pull the box and push it in towards the box and boom your done. i recommend getting some flexible hose the same diameter and run it down to the bumper as a "ram air"

Huh... Idk why I didn't yank my silencer like a year ago... I'll be doing that and putting my breather bypass in during my lunch break today. Can i beat the clock!? :D

if you fail to beat the clock than you sir are no shade tree mechanic

Your words hurt me

In regards to the K&N... I wouldn't spend that for an air intake of any kind. You pay for the name and the look. Get a KKM or something. That comes with a CNC' MAF and a reusable filter. And if you wanna dress up the intake more get rid of the rubber heat protecting tube and put some super conductive thin stainless in... But the stock tube will yield the coolest (all relative) delivery of air.

Done! Took 5 minutes and a pry bar I keep n my truck. And all I can say is Ford knows how to design things. Remove it and be amazed. I was skeptical but you can tell the difference.

Sweet, thanks guys. I'll try to find time to do this tomorrow after work.