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K&N FIPK = lower top speed


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August 10, 2002
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Wappingers Falls, NY
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I put on a K&N FIPK three weeks ago and have been pleased with it up until today. I went up a little hill here called Stormville Mtn. It's a long straight uphill stretch with no police activity. I use to be able to take it at 90 easy with plenty of power to spare with my stock airbox and K&N drop in. With the FIPK the truck wouldn't go over 80 and was really working to keep that speed!!! Whats up???

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poor performance

First things first. In bright light, inspect your install. Make sure you did not knock a vacuum tube loose, forget a line etc. Check EVERYTHING in the general area of the installation slowly and methodically. Double check the install itself for correctness against the directions. Yes, I know this is a simple mod, but I also know I have screwed up simple things before.

Did you reset the computer?
Was there a headwind?
Did you have a heavy load?
Was your tranny slipping?

Checked everything over again and I did reset the computer when I first installed it. I did try something different today. I took off the Drycharger filter wrap and it went over 80 this time. It's staying off from now on unless it's raining..........

I don't like those drycharger/prefilter things, I think they defeat the purpose of an open-element filter.

Do I just have to disconnect the batery to restart the computer