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K&n fipk


June 15, 2010
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Burlington NC
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2005 Explorer
I just bought a 2005 Explorer XLT with the 4.0L V-6 engine. I looked and K&N does not show a FIPK for that year, however they show one for the Sport Trac and Explorer Sport with the 4.0L. Does anyone know if this will work on mine or not? What would be the difference? Thanks for the help!

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I just cked K&N's site and they don't list one for the Sport Trac or Sport. They do list one for the Sport 4.6L. 57-2564 is the 4.6 part number. AFE makes a kit but all it is is a MAF adapter and filter. http://afepower.com/shop/application_searchnew.php?searchtype=combo&keyword=Keyword%2FPart+Number&diesel=false&type=gas&make=Ford+Truck&year=2005&model=Explorer&x=69&y=5 Idid find a 04 Sport Trac 4.0L kit is 57-2529-1 I looked up the stock air filters and they are different but it looks like the difference is size. The Sport Tracs stock filter is 8.79" L and the Explorer 11.5" width is also narrower on the Explorer 7.125" compared to 7.575". But if the only difference is size I would say go for it.

I just spoke with my dad and he has a 02 Sport Trac and he has ordered a FIPK for his so when it comes in I am going to compare them side by side and see what the difference is. Thanks for the help.

Let me know what you come up with. I'm curious if there is enough of a difference for them to rule out the year models in the catalog.

My dad said that the kit should be here today, but he is going on vacation tomorrow and it will be at least another week before we can put them side by side and see if there is any difference. I will keep you posted.