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k&n intake on 2005 XLT


August 19, 2013
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London, Ontario
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2005 Explorer XLT, 4.6 V8
So I found a deal on a brand new k&n intake that someone bought then wrote off their truck and never used it, I have an 05 XLT with the 4.6 and its for an 02-03 4.6. Now Im assuming since its all 3rd gen it should fit, but when I google the part number on it, the 05 is different then 02, same engine am I not right?
Any ideas? Will it work?

when I research my truck it takes the k&n 57-2564, I found the one for the 2002-2003 with the 4.6 is k&n 57-2539.

ideas if it will work? airbox all looks to be same positioning

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If the deal is right, it's worth a shot. While the motors are essentially the same, the difference is 04-05 are drive-by-wire compared to the 02-03 which are not.

Find out how much it costs, and just send me a cheque for the amount and I will do a Voodoo spell on your truck from here, all I need is a bolt to put in the voodoo doll. It will get better performance than the K&N setup which likes to pull nice warm air off the top of the engine, as the factory setup is cold air intake. In other words an absolute waste of money.

Worth a try, just see how it costs. I remember a guy here installed kn 57-2537 on his 2002 explorer xlt v6 and claim about 8 hp. He also loves the sound to the engine.

Don't know if you have figured it out yet, but the 02-03 have idle air control and 04+ are throttle by wire. Most likely the difference is that the 02-03 intake will have an extra hole for the IAC hose you will have to plug that the 04+ will not have and also the 04+ has a slot style maf instead of the round older style. Don't know what it will take to adapt the newer maf to the older intake.