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Keep my 01 Sport or sell for a Full size Bronco?


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October 21, 2009
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Kirtland, Ohio
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2001 Sport
I have a 01 sport with a TT and AAL on it now. 118K, everything is fine with the truck. I got a set of 33x16s in the garage and I about to pick up a 3" body lift. I figure its worth about 3500.00 in my market. I know I will want to do a SAS too. So, I can dump another grand (if Im lucky) and have a nice sport or I can sell it and pick up a full size bronco already lifted for around 2000 to 3000.

Truck will be used for wheeling and some DD, but not much.

I know about the Exp but not much about the Bronco other than gas is really bad and its huge on the trail.
I like the bronco for a few reasons.
1: open top. However, I wheel with my kids and I am abit worried about safety sticking them in the back with out a top, but I guess its the same as a jeep.
2: v8 power. However, the V6 has been just fine.
3: cash in my pocket and the work is done.

Any thoughts????

I went from a 94 eddie bauer explorer to a 96 eddie bauer bronco, haven't looked back....

Its like a first gen explorer, but everything sans the rear axle is bigger

I get about 12mpg with my truck, 4" lift 35's and 3.55 gears... bone stock my best was 14.1.... Just like the explorer theres many ways to bump the MPG, like a good exhaust, advancing the timing, electric fan and so on and so forth ...



make sure you get a 5.8!

I've always loved the bronco's, up to '86 anyways. So I'm biased and would do the swap.:D:thumbsup: