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Keeper's Explorer. Take two.

Welcome to my new registry. This is my 2000 Explorer XLT. Bought it from the original owner for $3,400. Came with the owners manual, and the paper work to prove it's been dealer maintained. When I purchased the Ex, it had 111,000 on the odometer, a small tear in the leather of the drivers seat, some sand in the back( take it the guy was a surfer, found a few surf board fins in the jack storage area). Gonna do a alignment when I get the chance, and start transferring all my mods from my Sport into this.

As she stands when I brought her home.






How she currently stands.


Current Mods:



  • Sylvania Silverstars for the headlights.
  • x2 Hella 500 driving lights.
  • Fog light/ High beam mod.
  • LED Puddle lights, license plate lights.

Engine:4.0L SOHC

Suspension and Brakes

Drive Train

Projects for the future:
  • Quick disconnects for front and rear sway bar.
  • Possibly LS up front.

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You would probably be fine with a couple zip ties or large hose clamps, unless you want it to look professional.

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Welp my belt tensioner blew up today when I was out Christmas shopping. Ended up getting a new one from pepboys for $34 and installing it in the Kohls parking lot. Once that was done, I come to find that my old belt no longer fits, so this lead me to getting my Explorer getting towed home and a trip back to the parts store tomorrow.

Oh dang that sucks... Is it the wrong belt or the wrong tensioner??

Well I matched the tensioner with the old one, same dimensions. Only thing I can think of is that perhaps the belt has shrunk a bit over time, or the new tensioner can't be pulled back as much as the OE.

Well I finally got it all sorted out, had to do a bit of grinding on the new tensioner to get enough rotation counter clockwise to slip the new belt on. Tale Two lives to fight another day.

Welp. I know it's been a while since I've visited the forum, let alone posted. Life caught up with me, not a whole lot of money or time to get even the smallest projects done. But I've finally started taking baby steps back in. Today I picked up a new fuel filter and those stupid tools(come on Ford, waste of everyone's time and money) and spent about 20 minutes shaking the fuel lines and filter free of each other. Have to same I'm glad I changed it out finally, that was the original, and when the fuel that was left poured out all over my chest, I was not impressed with it. Got it all sorted out now. Hopefully it helps with the MPG. And since I was already under there, I gave my left torsion bar a few cranks as it was noticeably lower then the right side. Hope you all are doing well, with summer coming up I should have a few extra bucks the throw Take Twos way.

Good to see you! Hope all is well. :salute:

Well after putting in that new fuel filter and cleaning out my air filter, and all the adjoining tubing and such, I saw my MPG pick up to a regular 18.4mpg. That's mixed driving, with a drive up to Lake Gregory and Palm Desert/Indio and regular street traffic.

Well today ####ing sucks. (Excuse my language.) driving home from a job interview today, my left front wheel locks up, causing me to slide to a smoking stop in the middle of the 60 freeway at rush hour. Takes about ten minutes to get her started up enough to get her off the road and onto the shoulder. Had to reverse out then back into a grinding forward motion. At first I thought it was a loose caliper. Checked em both, all the nuts are right and in place. Climb back in, and long behold I've lost all gears, no reverse, no forward gears. Don't see any fluids leaking out, engine runs fine, I put it in neutral and pushed fine. I'm at a loss.... Waiting for the tow truck to come get me. May as well use my time to my advantage. Did my diffs or transmission just take a massive dump?

Man, I wish I had some advice for you Aaron. That SUCKS. I'm not very familiar with the 2nd Gen IFS stuff, but I'm sure interested in hearing what caused all this.

..x2..just saw this..:(

Well my transfer case is leaking fluid. Gonna actually get underneath Take Two and have a look at all the potential culprits. Is it possible that the T-case failing could cause me to lose power to the wheels?

It's possible.....I'd suspect a transmission clutch pack or packs myself

Sounds like the T-case to me from what your explaining.

Drain the rest of the fluids in the T-case. Look for foreign bits in the fluids. If any copper is present, the case is toast.

Copper bits is the winding for the clutch. Alum / Steel will be other internal parts broken.

If the T-case locked up in gear, it would have stopped the front drive shaft from turning. Being that the front diff is an open carrier, only one wheel would have been able to free spin. and the other to lock up.

The 4405 is a weak case, and when it explodes, many different things can happen. I had one lock up in gear, and another in Neutral. After 3 of them exploding, I swapped in a 6 gear planetary box manual 1354. No worries, and can beat the snot out of it.

Thanks for posting up Gman, now if indeed my tcase died on me, would this also prevent the rear wheels from getting power to the transmission?

Also just pulled codes, got P0720, and P0715.

Yes. If the t case fully exploded, you won't get power to the wheels.

You might get power to the rear wheels if the clutch coil blew, and the other internals are still holding up, but it won't be for much longer as the coil bits start grinding away. Best bet is to check the fluids out. That's what happened to my 1st blown case.

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Time for a manual. There was one down by you that tbars posted a while back