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Keki's 94' Apocalyptic EX

About halfway into dissecting the old cluster, now have voltmeter at 14v, oil pressure at 45 psi, and high beams light indicator. still needing check engine, check oil, battery and fuel. Btw temperature is averaging 180 with a 60 water 40 antifreeze.

I might add the Speedometer actually fit the original cable, I just cut and bent in a couple "teeth" so it would screw in to stay secure. (iEquus 8000 series) works well!

with all the carpet up I'm adding a layer of bedliner and then some 1/4 thick soundproofing. Quiet interior is always nice.

Decided that we aren't likely to use the far rear sidewindows so we are looking into adding some peg boards for further storage.

This is our mock up idea:


More being done everyday! Cya~!

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Today we barbecued the fenders to medium-well, got one cut and rubbered, re-colored the headlight trim, grill, painted on some decals, grinded in some mad zombie claw effects, beat her up with some hammers a little bit, just overall got the theme on there. Kind of at a stopping point for the moment until I can buy all the steel to armor the windows and build the rest of the front bumper and start on the rear bumper and tailgate/roof/other body mods.

You should have started with a 2016 Escalade for a more contemporary feel. Old ford and chevy zombie vehicles are a dime a dozen.

You should have started with a 2016 Escalade for a more contemporary feel. Old ford and chevy zombie vehicles are a dime a dozen.

Not like this, by the time we finish, there really wont be much left. We do some pretty crazy things here, a list of current projects:

1994 Ford explorer ZAPV with n/a v8 swap
1991 Dodge Dakota turbo v8
2003 Toyota Prius with a 6.8l V10 being shoved in the rear from an E350
1998 Ricer Honda Accord with a 6in exhaust

our only good car: 1969 Nova with twin turbo on a custom chassis

Been awhile.

Finished the tailgate


Stripping out even more wire

After removing some windows and tailgate

Made a few cuts:

Other nicks: new fuel pump, finally found a fuel gauge in the right series, got that put in, finally getting rid of the original cluster hooray!

Bought a rear window off a ranger, going to the steel shop tommarow to get this back wall built. Then I can move on to patching up in the bed, putting down some liner, work on getting the tailgate to ###tion, putting the interior back together etc etc.