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Kenne Bell Explorer Phase 2 build begins!!!

I finally got off of my lazy butt and started tearing KBX down for its phase 2 stage of mods I have planned for it. I took a vid but way too busy/lazy to post it. The whole front end and hood are pretty much torn off and I just dropped the radiator out. I should be pulling the engine tomorrow if my schedule allows. A lot of interesting things going on with this stage of mods. After this stage of mods are completed I should be able to lay down some pretty respectable power finally; along with some good ET's in the 1/4 mile.

So far the additional mods that are sitting in my garage are:

*VT built 4.6 Billet shortblock
*Kenne Bell 8 rib swap kit w/ 2.75" snout pulley
*KB 8.5" crank pulley (20psi boost)
*New adapted fenderwell CAI fabbed by yours truly (very custom)
*Steeda billet fuel rails w/ -8AN crossover
*JBA headers
*Meziere electric water pump WP347
*Meziere wiring kit
*SD 60 lb/hr injectors
*SCT BA2800 MAS (swapping from my existing BA2400)
*Art Carr 4R70W tranny w/ 3200 stall TC built to withstand 900 hp. I am sure the swap from the 5R to the standalone 4R will be fun.
*8 bolt flywheel
*SN-197 Tranny K-member adapter for 4R70W
*Dual Ford GT (supercar) fuel pumps
*Dual -8AN fuel lines
*Aeromotive A-1000 FPR
*-6AN return line
*Baumann TMU for 4R70W
*4R70W tranny wiring harness

*Custom driveshaft (after new tranny is in)

Anyways in the list of mods I am probably forgetting something in one of the lists. Should be fun. Hopefully I can get it to 600 within the next few months if things go well (money+time). I love doing all the work on my own truck and all, but I kind of wish I could snap my fingers and have it done. Along with the power mods I am also going to be going with a chrome accented Black and Ford blue theme under the hood. The valve covers will get the Ford blue along with the billet rails which already are blue along with the elec fan. Depending on price I might take my PA perf. alternator I been running and have it powdercoated blue also. Well I have yapped for long enough in here tonight. Good night.

Beauj, Where the heck have you been? And how are you. I was wandering about you the other day.-James

I've been good man. I was just thinking about some turbo ex's the other day, and happened to think of yours, haha. Just been busy with work mostly. Football season is now over, so it's back normal life with no more weekends drinking and grilling and doing nothing.... oh wait, that is every weekend:D

Just saving some extra cash now, and doing a little painting and modding here and there.

How've you been man? Any new work? Everytime I see your sig I see the times get lower and lower, so you must be doing something right:D

Nope, not mine YET. It's a buddy off the NLOC board who is a vendor. He makes all kinds of brackets, pan hard bars, traction bars, diff covers, a lot of polishing and plating, a tilt hood setup for L's, and now the cog setup...

He's been testing it for a while and getting me the set for $750. That's DAMN good considering a few websites and competitors want over $1200 for theirs. That video doesn't even do it justice though.... at WOT it sounds like a turbo. I fell in love after I heard it on the test drive:D

Yeah, cog setups are not cheap. If I moved up to a KB 2.8H (or bigger) then I would think of a cog setup.

Realistically I will be going the SVT route this spring and shooting for 10's in my DD and keep the X for fun weekend events. I decided to break down and buy a used 03/04 Cobra and spray the piss out of it. ;) I still intend the X to be faster again, eventually. I gotta get rid of this LS. Low 13's (12's w/ traction) on 100 shot of juice just sucks. I pondered getting an L instead of Cobra but while the L's can hold some decent power in stock form, they don't have a built engine that handles 600+ at the wheels like the Terminators do.

Hows the tuning going with the kenny bell?

Hows the tuning going with the kenny bell?

Been working out a couple of DTC code issues. And finally fixed my O2 sensor connector that caused my false STFT readings on bank 2 of the engine. The DTC's should be good to go now even though I haven't retested it again.

I had some time off during this but now I am back teaching classes again so I am booked REAL solid for the next while and have another 2 week trip to Maine coming up in April. Hopefully I will be able to get at it before then but I might end up having to wait to tune it till I get some free time after that trip. Oh this teaching job is a PITA sometimes.