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Kenne Bell install completed om my 5.0 Explorer engine


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March 12, 2001
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Kenne Bell install completed on my 5.0 Explorer engine

Well, after long last, I finally completed my Kenne Bell 1.5L supercharger install on the Explorer enigne I have in my 1999 Ranger. I have several things to work out, but it is up and running and the blower fits within the stock engine bay. I did have to do a VERY minor modification to the cowl, but other than that, nothing new.

I have some issue, which is limiting me to 4psi boost with a 6 psi pulley, so I need to figure that out. Once I get to 6-7psi, I think I will be really happy with it. The low end jump has been greatly improved andI get a nice firm pull all the way to the 4800rpm auto shift.

I will be getting a FordChip dyno tune in a month or so and upping to 90mm MAF, 75mm TB and 36lb injectors at the same time. That is when the fun really begins.

Check out the following for some pics.

Blower pics

You can also click on "homepage" below for others. I will post a full list of details in a week or two, listing out the parts and modifications necessary if someone else wants to do this. Overall, it was pretty straight forward.

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That looks great! Congratulations to a job very well done. Good luck on getting the bugs worked out.

did you fit a mustang kit to it? what is it from?

SKYWLKR, just a reminder. There is a 6 line limit (at 800x600) on signatures.

OK I'll see what I can do...

Very cool...I always thought a stock 5.0 in a Ranger would be pretty fast, hard to imagine a s/c one in there!

hell yea!!!! :thumbsup: :chug:

BTW- you used the Systemax lower, right?


I cant get to the link at work, Could you send me a pic please! Also, does this company have a website?

Send pic to


Strange, not sure why the picture link doesn't work for you. I just clicked it and went right to it. Did anyone else have a problem?

NAK4Af, if you are looking for a company supplying kits for this install, look no farther. There are none. I did this myself.

The base parts were an Autorotor 1.5L compressor, a Kenne Bell 5.0L Mustang manifold set, a Holley Systemax lower manifold, custom drive extension shortening, custom front bracketry, custom EGR valve,sensor bracket, custom coil pack bracket, throttle bracket, etc..

I did not have to modify any A/C, stock FEAD brackets, accessory locations, P/S lines, or throttle/cruise cables.

I am running a custom returnless Aeromotive fuel system and will soon have custom Airbox, 90mm Lightning MAF, 75mm BBK throttle body, 36lb injectors and custom 1 5/8" headers. Will also remove AFT cats and use OBD-II O2 sims for AFT O2 sensors. ONce done, FordChip will DynoTune a chip for me.

This won't happen for a month or so - maybe longer, as I just sunk $600 into a generator, only to have the damned power turned on 3 hours later!!!! Ahhhh... O'well, always good to have I suppose :)

Sweet! We need to see some pics of you burnin 'em off. I'm sure you can lay some rubber with that thing!


I am using a Government computer at work and they block certian sites on the internet. MSN.groups just happens to be one of them. Also Ebay. I always miss out on the good stuff. :(


Originally posted by nak4af
I am using a Government computer at work and they block certian sites on the internet. MSN.groups just happens to be one of them. Also Ebay. I always miss out on the good stuff. :(
D@mn Government :p


Originally posted by TravisC
D@mn Government :p

Stupid Air Force!!


How much did the blower cost ya, and did ya get it new or used, and lastly, where from?

Sorry for all the questions

I bought the blower used at a great price. I then hunted around and got the manifolds used as well. The new parts were the drive extension, front Mustang bracket, pulley, drive hubs, and all bolts. I had to custom make the adaptor bracket, idler pulley spacer, shorten the drive extension by 7mm, and work out the t-cable, coil pack, and egr system brackets. I also had to figure out vacuum routing and finally weld a 1" spacer in the EGR tube due to the 1" phenolic spacer I am using.

I have a total of about $1800 in this now, not including any of my fuel system parts. Like I said though, I got alot used and at really good prices. To get a new compressor (~$1100-1300), drive($288), bracket($68), Pulley and hubs(~$130)and manifold set(~$300) from Kenne Bell, you are looking at about $2000 there, then add ~$200 to shorten drive at machine shop, $? to custom make adaptor bracket for front support / idler, etc..

Not cheap, but worth it. It really boost bottom end and has great potential. This thing hits full boost right from the bottom and pulls through the shift. It is almost too quite though, as you can hardly tell it is on there when you drive it.