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Kenwood KAC8402 4-Channel Amp. Have questions about!


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May 19, 2006
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Oceanside, CA
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1998 Eddie Bauer 5.0
I have a 1998 4-Door Explorer. I have (4) 5x7 Infinity Speakers in my doors, and a Kenwood DPX-301 Head Unit. I also have (1) 10" Polk Sub w/ box. Ok, I just got my Kenwood.

Here are the specs of the amp.

2 ohm stable
Speaker level inputs
Variable high and low pass crossovers 50 - 200 hz
60 watts RMS x 4 @ 4 ohms
90 watts RMS x 4 @ 2 ohms
720 Watts max @ 2 ohms
10 - 30000 hz frequency response
100 db signal to noise ratio.

I want to know if this amp can power my (1) 10" Sub AND my 4 Door Speakers. Secondly, what is the best method of running a wire to the battery ground? How do I run the wire through the firewall?


Get an amp hookup kit, it will have instructions and clarify some things for you. The ground goes to the vehicle chassis near your amp, use one of the seat mounting bolts or such. Just make sure that there is good electrical contact to the bare metal. The pos cable runs to the battery. There are existing grommets under the dash on the drivers side, cut a hole in one and run your power wire through, then seal it up with some silicone.

Pull up the door sills and hide the power cable under them. On the other side of the vehicle run your speaker wire and RCA's.

I dont think you want to power 4 speakers and a sub with one 4 channel amp. If your amp is bridgeable, you can bridge the rear channels into 1 and use that for the sub. Use the front 2 channels for your front speakers. Run the back speakers off the receiver power. I just did this with an Infinity 7541a amp and it works great.

Hope this helps


what jasonF will work with this amp