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Kenwood or Clarion?



I need opinions. I am replacing the stock head unit with an FM+cassette and separate CD changer. I have been looking at Clarion and Kenwood because they fit my budget, i.e. about $380-$400 for both head unit and changer. Eclipse is too expensive. Which is better over the long run - Kenwood or Clarion?

Thanks ! ! !

i would lean twards kenwood, i think they make more reasonably priced, quality stuff dont get me wrong clarion is the sh*t but i think you would be more happy w/ a kenwood get the new mask excelon series....go to i think they have the best prices anywhere, 100+ better that crutchfield

Hey, both Clarion and Kenwood are great. But I have a Clarion Pro Audio, and I am very happy with it. Clarion has great head units for not a lot of cash. Thats just my opinion though.

Pete, I have a killer deal I will give you an eclipse cd reciver 5504 for 350 I paid 550 for it less then 6 monts ago it can be seen at let me know what you think!!!