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Key Duped


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May 26, 2009
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Greenville, SC
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00 Sport FI, 03 Ltd V8
I just purchased a 2000 Explorer Sport. I received 2 keys from the previous owner. I assumed one was a master key and the other was a valet key. I was told to keep the keys separate because if I got out of the car with the engine running the doors would lock and I'd be locked out.

On my 3rd day of ownership the vehicle would crank but not start. It was like there was no ignition or fuel. I checked all of the plug wire connections and pulled one of the plugs to check condition - looked like new. I depressed the fuel pressure test port Schrader valve and noted good pressure. I checked the connectors to all of the emission sensors. I checked the OBD-II trouble code and got P0172. I checked for dirt on the mass airflow sensor wire and the voltage at the connector. I tested the idle air control valve resistance, supply voltage and free movement. Since I found nothing unusual I sprayed starter fluid into the intake hose and the engine started and ran for about a second indicating I had ignition but no fuel injection.

By now it was time to clean up and eat dinner. After dinner I browsed the owner's manual and came to the section on SecuriLock. You guessed it! The next morning I swapped ignition keys and the car immediately started. Apparently the key I had been using the day before had never been programmed. My wife has frequently said that engineers only read the manual when all else fails!

Welcome to the boards! Being from Greenville you wouldn't be a GE Engineer would you???:shifty_ey