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Key fob remote entry working intermittently

Anyway to disable the Immobilizer? No point of having theft deterrent if it prevents you from starting your own car.


I live in the UK as well .. got bleeding stranded in Cardiff yesterday ... RAC took me around the corner and everything works OK again .. is there a way to take the whole immobiliser crap out of the car (UK spec, no aftermarket locking/immobiliser) .. ik can live with the remote central locking not working every now and then but this immobilisor is a pain! .. Anyone got a wiring diagram of a UK spec Explorer that knows which wires to cut to completely disable the immobiliser (I don't think UK explorers have the in/under dash button)

edit: I have already been to the local Ford garage (Vospers, Plymouth) .. they won't touch the car with a bargepole ... saying they are willing to work on the immobiliser but if they #### up it is my loss (and cost) .. they don't do Explorers they say as they are so rare over here.

edit2: And while I am on the subject of wiring .. where is the control unit for the rear windscreen wiper .. it stopped working .. got a new wiper motor off Ebay .. still nothing .. so the control is probably dead ... (or if anyone has any tips on how to test / fix this, and yes, I checked the fuses)