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key in, ignition won't stay in run position.


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September 14, 2010
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Lemoore CA
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91 Navajo X 2
Hello everyone,
SLB strikes again. (Stubborn Little *******)

So here's the skinny. Went to fire up the Navajo and it will turn on but as soon as I let go of the ignition it returns to the off position and the Navajo dies.

If I hold the ignition in the run position it's fine it idles fine and runs fine. When I slowly let the ignition return to the off position it idles rough and dies. If I give it gas it dies.

I tried holding the clutch in when I let the ignition go and it didn't change anything. Let the clutch out and let the ignition go and it still died.

I replaced the ignition with a new one and the problem remains. I replaced the eec relay and same issues.

I searched around and couldn't find anything related to this. I'm stumped.

I have to drive out of state tommorow so it figures SLB would die the day before. Any help would be awesome.


I fixed it.

I dug a little deeper to inspect the ignition switch actuator rod. So after removing the two 15mm bolts holding the steering wheel up I noticed the actual ignition switch where the ignition switch electrical connector connects to. (Sits on top of the steering column) was propped up a little bit so the actuation rod was not seating properly.

I pushed it back into place and it popped back on.

Bolted everything back together and it fired right up and stayed on. SLB has some serious gremlins.. first the linkage for the clutch petal disappeared and now this.

Hope this ends up helping someone in the long run. Moderators feel free to relocate this thread.


Good hear it is just that simple, nice trouble shooting and thanks for sharing. Pretty sure it will help someone soon.