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Key won't work on rear hatch


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March 19, 2007
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Centerville, Ohio
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1998 Explorer
I have a 98 explorer and I just recently noticed that the key didn't work on the rear hatch. It unlocks all the doors, and it goes in the keyhole.....but it won't turn, it pushes in, but doesn't unlock. If the truck is already unlocked both the hatch and glass both open fine, but they won't unlock with a key

I've got the same problem on my 2000 sport. Please, someone come to our rescue!

Did either of you normally use the key in your rear hatch? Because if not its possible because of it not being rotated for a long time that dirt has settled it in position. Have you tried spraying lube into it?

i pulled out all my locks and sent them to a locksmith to recode, he charged me 20$ to clean out the dirt in them :D